Deadly Football Brawl

Strip their weapons. LOL :crazy_face: :rofl:

Just had the other team both self destruct.

Too funny.

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Anyone else run into the problem of uneven teams? I’ve gotten multiple matches with 2 players vs 3 players from the start

Also Are co-drivers turned off in this? I made a huge wall build to block the entire goal and play goalie, that could only move thanks to Grizzly, tested in test drive, but in the brawl it was not moving anymore almost as if the codriver was turned off

Also do not use skinners, they detach the moment anyone shoots at the ball or the wire so you won’t be doing much with it

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Man I’m having soooo much fun. My Tempest/Whirls car was too low to the ground for impulsiveness, I’d get OHKO’ed by every Xbow… BUT THIS!

People respawn extremely fast tho. My advice is, if shooting the ball is counterproductive, shoot opponents, but that’s about it.

2v3 is a common occurence, also a non-problem here. Just play extremely aggressive, people rq after a goal or two. If really you’re unsure about your performance, grab millers/joules/tempests/some other water hose weapon and sit in the cage with legs. Alternatively, you can try to make a Goliath goalkeeper bunker build.

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dfb event…‘fail’… :crazy_face:

Yeah, after I won a few matches, the next two or three were three versus two. I bailed after that.