Deadly Ritual brawl

How do you all feel about the other brawl? I personally think that it’s just a worse adrenaline and stand firmly behind the idea that brawls should be with pre-build vehicles rather than allowing people to bring their own. Otherwise it’s just regular pvp 2.0 even more cancerous.

The totems at the start are not plentiful enough, they should just give everyone 3 respawns at the start and it’s work out just the same.

The special totems (boost mode in adrenaline) should be something you pick up just by driving into it, or the timer should be 50% shorter for picking it up. And I just liked the adrenaline and boost functions more than just collecting respawns.

I might have not liked witch hunt after they absolutely butchered wheels with supercharged, but I genuinely hope that neither of these brawls is the next replacement as THE halloween brawl because quite frankly they are just as bad as all the attempts at re-inventing steel championships they have been trying to do.

And then I made a 5000PS triple piercer build and cheesed through the competition with the lowest ps build in the whole brawl a few times. “Good” to see that all the past balance changes nerfing these things also went down the drain with the armor changes, lmao

Thankfully I now have all the decor items I wanted to craft with the pumpkin coins so I won’t have to play any more brawls