Dear Devs

I know you guys are listening. The reddit mods are at it again.

Um what? Why was this removed…

for “Targeted Harassment” even though it’s just a vid of gameplay

Yeah I watched it… it was very normal… they left up my video killing a dog build and it was 1 specific person… surely that would fall under harassment, right? Yours was just a regular video… odd

so many of my posts have been removed and/or down voted to zero. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like the one being targeted. but whatever!

Community are generally pretty toxic, they go out of their way to even downvote comments reply to my comments or posts just to make it seem like I’m downvoting people lol. They’re pretty awful people and as the devs drive out the actual chill players in favour of meta slaves it’ll keep happening


a little note avoid the reddit community. I post there from time to time but I only post builds. the place is toxic and well reddit is where most the children go.


Reddit is where everyone goes, let’s be real lol what a dumb thing to even say

yeah, i hate it but reddit is where lots and lots of people go. so im just baffled as to why I got singled out. not just with this vid but almost all my stuff.

maybe you can use your teleki whats it power to mind melt with the devs about this issue.

I don’t much feel like spending another 2 years making a cartoon over this matter.

Typical woke social media. You’re best bet to avoid the woke “P.C” police I have been told is using Rumble.