Dear Gaijin

your studios are about to end. becauze your unable to learn from mistakes and critics. one thing that you still didnt learn is, that crossout didnt belong to you. its belong to the players that support it with real money. so please stop making crossout into a cow, that you can mil it untill its dry. start developing the game. start listen to critics instead of silencing it. you still didnt get it, that the only 2 games, that keeps your studio alive are crossout and warthunder. you cant affort of beeing greedy, your to inrelevent and to small. and your studio is about to end, if your not listen to the cristics.

On the plebbit platform there is a current on-going part suggestion contest, and it is going to get fowarded to the developpers…

Not even sure what this could be about…

You probably don’t get how it all works. If even the smallest amount of players pays up, it makes a good deal of money. As long as the work and ongoing development of the game is not overwhelming.
While Crossout devs make mistakes and weird decisions, this is not one of them. This one is pure business. And believe me, it works.

Could XO use more content? F*ck YEAH! But it wasn’t planned as a big game. It’s already bigger than they probably wanted it at first, and will grow more, BUT within it’s tight-tight margins. Some games are limited in how much they can grow based on their capabilities and technical limits, as well as work-returned money ratio… They ARE pretty tight in this game.

But one thing XO is NOT, is a pay to win game… It’s small, and free. Take it as such. I’m a free player who never spend a dollar, and have everything I want. Got a new friend into the game a few days ago, and he too doesn’t feel forced into paying… So they can milk it as much a they want, as long as it’s done on the expense of the cash cows, who honestly, don’t get advantage as long as us free players know where to play at.
Power Score is a beautiful thing!!!


Ok…this is not new, but …how is the game company offer a free to play game being greedy? It is not as they have locked most of play-able part or the game or it’s contents away.

There are many ways to enjoy the game. Some players like to chase the meta and willing to paid money for it. Some play it for free. I on the other hand pay for the battlepass, play when I want to. As long as I do enough seasonal missions I will get all the new parts I want. ÂŁ9 for every few months? That is a price for 2 coffees in UK now days.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The game company is there to make money and people are being paid to work. It is up to them how they want to run their game. We players only need to point our fingers. I know many of the game contents are suggested by players. I know some of mine is in game.
I am sure telling them they are not doing their job or they are doing a bad job, aren’t going to get you anywhere!!

Legally it’s kinda theirs… but yeah, without players it will die out.

What you see is their version of development. That BP and chase is the 95% of all the content the game is getting.