Death by Greed and Incompetence


The Devs really are doing a pisspoor job at keeping the game alive.
Going from almost 10.000 players last year to 4000 players last month.

Its like they actually want their game to fail, by not listening to the players and never balancing the game.
And just releasing pack after pack, and event after event, splitting the playerbase in all these different gamemodes, and perpetually increasing the wait times.
Enjoy the game while it last guys.

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Yeah it’s a pretty bad downwarn spiral, but at least the real numbers are more like 40,000 on PC according to the ROTM leaderboard

yeah, I play directly from the launcher, not from steam. I don’t count towards the counter there

No but the downward corrolation is something which can probably be mirrored somewhat by official launcher users and other platforms

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See and here I was just thinking it hit equilibrium… lol Freaking doomers…

It’s sad to see so many players leave, i would like to play the game for many years to come.
Maybe the developers should focus on fixing the game’s problems so people dont keep leaving?.
I notice in many matches that players with only a certain type of build keep winning the game.

Too many changes to items already in game. Omamori making vehicles all look the same cramming weapons next to eachother making the almighty horeshoe reign. The alterations to the existing items in game and additions of trash modules like the oma has lost Gaijin my subscriptions.

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