Decor idea: front and rear view cameras

A simple decor idea, based on the in looks the front or rear view camera would have a functioning screen that shows a rear view of your car as if you had a camera locked looking at the front or rear from the base scope area. Standard view it shows this on the bottom right of your hud. in scope it doesn’t show anything but if the decor is in scope view you can look at it to get the view. Good for internal views.

The main point of this is for art builds that one "internal cameras. while you can have “infinite” of the decor item on your build it only shows 1 front and 1 rear on the hud, having more is only useful for scopes.

The new “side mirrors” decor we got in this battle pass are actual full working mirrors, they do not display “vehicles” but they do show what is reflected accuratelly…

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They have a reflection map yes, and where the inspiration for this idea.

But they only have a reflection map meaning it is pre rendered images of specific areas.

It would be cool if we had the option the switch the built in scope for a rear view camera. Have it be a toggle in the settings, nothing fancy.