Decor items you'd want

Let’s share some deco item wishes and dreams

For me, a washing machine. Just a basic washing machine. No special function, just an intact, whole washing machine.


Now, that’s funny… especially if when you “activated it,” the door flew open and clothes came flying out like the cash does with the ATM.

I’d love to have a prisoner/bloodbag/corpse car like they had in the various mad max movies. It’d be especially good if the body kinda’ flopped around like some of the decor parts do (bludgeon, SnowTyres etc).


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no, the games target audience are kids (pegi12 or something) so you cant have that.

great and very on brand idea. im all for it, under following conditions:

  • it has to be a relic to represent the high status owning a washing machine comes along with.

  • in the beginning us/eu/sea based players get some of those for free. others, - , can only aquire them by stealing it from their friends when theyre logged out. (“others” can visit the garage of any logged out player in their friendlist and take the washing machines away from unarmed npcs who are unable to put up a fight)

  • bonus point: you can rip out the cheap electronics of your washing machine (scrap) to obtain an extra amount of desperately needed electronics which can then be used to build makeshift weaponry with high failure rate.

Bah, you’re probably right. It’d still be cool, though…

a wobbly CB radio antennae


They could be crash test dummies, or robots.

I want exhausts to actually change to engine sounds (ideally make them louder).
Also, more front ends with functioning lights, preferably as bumpers (like the syndicate ones, but other styles).


I mentioned that a few times on the old forum, saying that vehicle sounds should be syntheses of cab, engine, and exhaust sounds, including any additional additives like superchargers or what not.

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I agree!
I would also like them to change the engine noise toggle in the menu to give us the option of hearing both the cabin’s engine sound and the additional engine, since both are being used.

If we had this we could make a get away car for Russian soldiers looting washing machines.

Google it… I wish it wasn’t a thing :frowning:

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More safety, road, and warning stickers:

And some road barriers for decor.

More big decor parts in general


Big decor parts are not a good idea.

All of the ones we have so far are abused.

We can’t have nice things :frowning:

Are you referring to my truck covered with Spring Drones, Snow Tyres and Neon Santas? LOL :rofl:

How about a big sign or sticker I can put on my truck that looks like this: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Omni hubcaps or holograms
Front facing wheel (claw, sabbath) hologram “hubcabs” (imagine them having hologram spikes or something coming out of the front)
Hover jet flame color changers or enhancers
Mechanical leg “hubcabs” like a plate with iron spikes and so on
Tank track hubcaps