Dedicated decor slots

I really never find a reason to use decor over something actually useful to make my build better.

Would love if you add some dedicated slots for decor and while at it, why a limit to only 1 firework?


For fireworks, too many of them could cause client stability problems for weaker computers. A ram stick in my computer died recently so I had to get it replaced and ended up going from 16 GBs of RAM to 32 for example.

For decor, it’s because of engine limitations. With too many parts, the game engine can become less stable and with lets say 10 dedicated decor parts per build that don’t count against the 80 current max, that potentially adds an extra player’s worth of parts into each team.

Yeah might be a limitation ofcthe game engine and such. But a lot have happened with hardware and probably the engine is improved also since the launch of the game.

On console though we went from 8v8 to 6v6 so plenty of room for decor ^^