Defense module concepts

Just a few random defense module concepts. want to refine these before I even attempt to post them in game suggestions.


Active defense system.

power cost: 2
info: a set of flares, chaff, and directional explosives, holds 16 charges of ammo. This passive module will automaticly fire at missiles the fly within 75m of the attached craft intercepting and destroying them, each charge destroys one missile. Said charges can also damage flying drones dealing 75 damage per charge. fires 6 charges before requiring a 10 second reload.

main purpose: dealing with more active threats like missiles and drones, at the cost of 2 power and limited ammo. though ammo boxes can increase.



power cost: 3

info: creates a bubble shield on the users that is always active with 400 HP, shield regens 1 HP per second, with a 30 second rechage if broken. On the top s a single link point that can attach an Agis-prime, if a prime is placed its bubble can be increased to a massive 40m area with HP increase to 3k for 15 seconds allowing you to protect your allies at the cost of burning out your shield for 45 seconds after activation.

Note: you can only have one of this module and while by default it only protects the user, when fully powered with a prime it can protect a full team if used well. Just note it doesn’t block damage coming form inside the bubble.


Ravager linkage

power cost: 1

info: why do all the aiming your self, automates the firing turning what ever weapon it is into a mini cauc with a slightly slower lock on speed. if linked to a cauc makes the module act like an attached turret with no manual imput required. only has one linkage point on the top despite having a 5x5 area of connectors. so be careful. oh and it is big.

note: not so sure about this one, as you can mount a cannon to it to automate a cannon while you use another weapon, though it could be useful for something like the tow allowing you to use that as a side weapon. that fires a missile that seeks the enemy like any other.

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