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I asked the moderators half a year ago to delete my forum account.
why can i still log in here? are they incompetent?

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Pretty much. Or just don’t give a duck. I don’t think there is even function to delete forum account. When I tried to delete my game account, forum one wasn’t even blocked or anything. So this forum acc thing seems rather independent.

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When I asked that on the old forum all they did was lock my account, all my stuff was still there. Very lazy.


Why not just never log on ever again?


Because i have the right to be forgotten.

Internet remembers everything. You are forever in our hearts. We might even tell our grandchildren. :grin:




Let me tell you a thing.

Allegedly WOT has been allowing other “companies” using long absent accounts to be used by those “companies” to boost stats of who ever wants to use their “services”
I don’t play WoWs for years, but i don’t want that to happen to my account, so just in case a few months ago i did a couple of PVE battles, and i plan to do it again next year or so.
Just to keep the lights on.
I don’t go to the forum for more than 3 years now ( and i doubt i would recognize anyone after this long).
But my account is still there. I could play it now or i could have a discussion there right now, i just don’t do it cause i can’t be bother anymore with that

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Indeed, your accounts and information can be used for anything, the company can be hacked and your private information sold on the dark web, or the company itself can sell your information to third parties like facebook does.

I know it sounds rather silly for me to ask to have my forum account deleted.
But the moderators kept deleting 90% of my posts, so i asked myself what is the point of posting here and making all that effort?, therefore i asked them to delete my forum account and yet they dont.

So what do they want with my account when they dont allow me to post, and dont allow me to delete my account?

In here i don’t know, most probably to have numbers like in rakings of mayhem or something. But in WOT, there are or were squads of players that used long absent accounts to be cannon fodder to a particular player ( a client who paid for their service)…

Have patience

So, as you can see, keep using your account.

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Yeah people used fresh accounts in Mayhem last year but when I showed this evidence to the devs they didn’t care at all.

On Xbox you can simply make an account with an email address and the online subscription is shared with any account on the console. I caught multiple clans running 2-3 fresh accounts to boost their scores.

I showed the devs the new accounts, when they were created… their first matched played being the same dates as the Mayhem event. I showed them the accounts they played with, the account friends lists showing the player circle in which the cheating was taking place along with footage of the players playing in the Mayhem mode.

They didn’t do anything, they didn’t care and these players won all the rewards and kicked off the players who did well without cheating.


Nothing got done, it was a tonne of information and they didn’t care, devs don’t care if you cheat.

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Any “right” that requires someone to do something for you is not a “right”.

Nothing got done and nothing will be done in other places, not just in here.

With examples like this.

And nothing is done