Dense fast builds need a nerf

They dominate 8000ps +/- 1500ps.
They have an extremely high ratio of durability to their volume which is accentuated by their speed, grip, and handling which does not deteriorate with speed. These are typically small track builds but battle pass hermit & buggy wheels apply as well.
These builds have the ability to simply dodge or avoid aimed attacks due to speed and size similarly to hovers, but they also have the ability to tank extremely well which is the unbalanced part. They also have extreme levels of grip and can hopelessly pin to larger builds without wedging them.

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We have the same problem on xbox, a clan call SLAYERS used small build with every gun you can use AA. This kind of build shouldn’t be super effective. But i recommend you to use the lovely kapkans.

Wait… you want to nerf what?

ways of building?

If there’s a new type of build, a good one, then it’s unbalanced?

Sounds like you need to aim or drive better. Small dense builds are not common unless your a cut and paste shotgun wedge AND THEY MADE EVERYTHING SLOWER ALREADY.

Only good thing this game has now is the building part so don’t make them screw that up also as they really need to fix the tonnage bug. The terrible meshing on terrain and buildings that will snag you and just make your front end stick to the object and the stupid tether bug at start of the match which in no way is just from lag as they claim

You mean the flamer/shotguns bricks that have 10k dura from the front, and about 1500 from the side/rear? The ones heavy cabs can make kebabs with from the sides, dragging 3+ all over the map?


if they have that much dura they aren’t going to be zippy little builds. So no.

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you wanna bet on that?
Clebardman already said it all.

No build is impervious the game already took care of that. not even heavy builds can maintain the same amount of armour in every place.

I never said they are impervious, but they are far too durable for their speed and brawling ability. They have far too much grip in the case of small tracks and so this allows these zippy little bricks to push around everything that doesn’t also have tracks.
Why even use any other wheels when these wheels are far superior, and they also function as superior frame armor that doesn’t waste tonnage? Why bother shooting wheels as a machinegunner? This used to be the primary niche of machine guns but they are incapable of this.

Your heavy cab is not going to catch a 90km/h build m8, most of the time these kebabs are going to be slamming you with yongwangs and other very high damage weapons.

Too much grip if you ask me, i don’t like small tracks for two reasons, there’s not enough tonnage in them and many of times, their grip it’s their own downfall.
with wheels (hermits) e.g. you can still push other builds, heavy builds, heavy wheeled builds
And small tracks waste as many tonnage as twin wheels, their potential is cut in half because of their weight.
they do a lot of compromising for weight saving.
MGs are not the best to face them, if you aren’t able to keep them at distance long enough.
But why don’t you download such a build and see how they are made to see what’s best and how to defeat them.
splash damage could work because at least some are hollow in the undercarriage.
One thing that can stop them, incinerators or even flamethrowers or SGs or cannons or…
Mgs will never win in a head to head against SGs, they are opposite of each other

I’ve always played mostly small fast builds, and it’s obvious to me that the devs have been trying to make these types of builds more effective over the last couple years.
I see no problem with that, as this is a car game at its core, and we all know that spaced armour hovers and spiders were much stronger a couple years ago.
Having said that, the recent armour changes have helped my slow heavy builds, so I don’t feel like I’m locked into only playing hermits and buggy wheels.
Medium builds are less effective than they used to be, but they were too strong for too long (one of the reasons I rarely played medium cabins. Too easy, too boring).

As far as pushing ability goes, I feel like bigfoots still have the advantage over the newer epic wheels. I don’t like the slowness of Bigfoots, so I usually try to use the smaller wheels, but the problem is that light melee/flame builds tend to bounce off their targets and get thrown around by impacts more. Bigfoots seem to give you better stability and traction.