Describe how the weapon is used with minimal data

Usually use distance and confrontational

Usually use distance is how far away the player usually uses the weapon, not the range of the weapon, for example impluse’s longest range is relatively far, let them shoot up in the air and they will fly until they hit the ground before exploding, but the player won’t use it that way, but at a closer range, I would say its usually use distance is closer

Confrontation is the degree to which a weapon will tolerate the firepower of the opponent while it is working, for example: tempest, pyre on dusk, the confrontation of weapons: tempest > pyre on dusk, the player will usually follow up with the tempest without much hesitation even if the opponent is going to retaliate, whereas in contrast with the pyre, the player will usually walk away from the missile after launching it instead of following it up to make sure that the next shot will hit immediately

I was going to put all the weapons on one axis, but gave up

I’m still trying to figure out, when a codriver has to be within 80 meters of an opponent for a perk to kick in, how do you know how far 80 meters is, on the map? Or when the weapon description says the range is X boxes out of 10, 10 what? Is 10 the entire length of the map?

Most players won’t care about this, the distances are completely empirical, if you want to know what the distances in the data really are, you can use the distance markers in the garage as a reference