"Destroy 6 Part..."

A friend asked me: One of the Big Chase missions says, “Destroy 6 part in a single battle in missions or brawls 1 time.”

6 parts of what? The mission description leaves alot to the imagination. I have no clue as to what is supposed to be accomplished. Does anybody know?

yup,its 60 parts or something,just keep playing,you will get it…
the topic is here if you look for it…

It’s suppused to be 6 parts of a certain kind I think, but the text specifying what type is missing. There have been challenges like this in the previous season pass too. Just keep shooting at enemies and you’ll get it done eventually. try using explosives so you hit as many parts as possible, AFAIK, you don’t need to deal the final blow to the part for it to count, as long as you hit it and it falls off.

use incinerators. it works for me.