Destroy 60 parts with canons - challenge


FYI, this can be completed in Adventure. :rofl:

I suck with and hate playing with canons. The two are certainly related.

I stuck an avalanche on a turdmobile.

Easy peasy.


That took me a while to do with avalanche in matches. As much as I like that cannon it has a lot of short comings.

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I switched to quad avengers on different triggers… took no time.

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I wonder if people even remember it exists. Although “in one battle” means literally everything, so, yeah, Awakening is the best place for it.

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All things cannon are done in easy steel cradle raids imo. If it is felt like. IF.

I play cannons at those special times I feel like it. They are my least favorite weapon category.

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I too used avengers., triple , it was a petty they reduced the ammo on them.
it’s way easier now running out of shells mid battle.

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i used 2 prosecutors on a harpy , did alright . wish i had known it could be done in adventure though lol

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A LOOONG time ago on here, someone pointed out you could do the old daily cannon battle with Assemblers.
They also pointed out if you just hover over a challenge with the mouse, it’ll list the weapons you can use.

That’s when I learned for myself you could click on the little map-pin icon to see what challenge/maps you could complete those challenges on.

Thanks to whoever that was.

That’s how I eventually got two Assemblers, a Quantum & all the bits to go with them to make them fun to play.

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I just ran 5 Easy Raids with Triple Avengers. About 35 minutes with queue times included. Also got 6/6 Easy Raids.

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i use a mastodon with a mammoth and it works but not that well sometimes. most of the time people just pile in my way and prevent me from hitting anything… :unamused:
took me a while to get the wins and complete that mission.
id say if you have a high level cannon itll work. i think 3 executioner’s would work as they deal pierce damage and can hit a ton of parts at once.

I love too cannons but i have to say they aren’t enought good specially for raids, usually i do with elephant, fatman and mastodont but the score slow down with them

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I usually use Avenger to finish it in patrol