Destroy Hologram Ears on Another Player?

Like… for real? LOL

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Yes. It’s a challenge you can never complete. I’m not doing that crap.

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Yeah i was wondering if i have to destroy the bunny hologram item by itself or if the destruction of the craft taking out the item afterwards counts?

I dont use guns and my drones target cabs so im not sure if i will have to strap up to get that paint.

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that one took me 1 match , but the paint looks like someone had a bucket of blood and a paintbrush

as long as you destroy them while they have it on you get credit


I have plenty of red paints & don’t need another, but still… that one seemed stupid. LOL :clown_face:

They could’ve made it better, like “win X missions with your own hologram intact”.

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I just sprayed & prayed with a triple storm build… I at least tickled everyone on the other team & got the challenge completed. I only destroyed two bots, though, so perhaps what they could’ve done better was in the wording of the challenge.


Not that unique of a color, but I guess if you don’t have any reds, it’ll do.

I wish there were more greens, personally. There are tons of greys, blacks, reds… whatev… small complaint.


Lucky you. I destroyed three players’ vehicles and touched at least 7 with my bullets but it was all for nothing (wires and fuel).

Definitely not doing that just for this paint. Reds I have aplenty.

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For sure… If you play a few times, you’ll probably get it on accident. LOL

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I will try then.
the only red i have is a pinkish.
I want a bright red red
It will go pretty well with aircraft cover.
Tuskegee squadron AKA the red tails.


I travel by Tuskegee frequently… awesome bit of history that defies exaggeration.

I knew a B-17 navigator who flew with those guys. He was telling me about them before the film even came out.

As for reds… I’ve sold several & still have a few I’m stuck with. I have a couple of metallic ones I’m rather fond of.

It is an amazing story.

According to the story, those guys never lost a bird, an amazing feat if we take into account what day time bombing truly meant.
The Americans took the “bull by the horns” but even for the flying fortresses and super fortresses it was a dreadful thing to do.
The British never were able to do that.
Until the Americans arrived for the second time, the only strike capability that Churchill had were the Commandos and the Bomber command.
The British never recovered from Dunkerque.

I wonder if Tuskegee airbase still exists and do they try to maintain that amazing legagy.

the 82nd and 101st airborne i know they still exist.

A couple of years ago my ring tone was…

Blood on the Risers (Gory Gory What a Helluva Way to Die) - YouTube

Decided to use my Avalanche as i figured it would wreck more of the build areas i hit and it musta helped because i got me some new paint!

I didnt even see a notification for achieving it and was surprised to see it completed in the challenges.

I have decided to help other players get this task done easier by placing it up front and visible on my builds while we have it so it’s an easier target for those needing to get it. I know people will be stressing about getting this done hehe.

I actually like the new paint but brown is my fave colour so… 🫠


I finally have my red tail, it’s not that bright red but it will do.
How i got it, no idea…total chaos.
the times i went for it, to try to demolish with my Gremlins, no Cigar, changed builds, to my drone build, several battles later in a massive brawl, pitched battle, hooligan style, there you go.
A red tail


all you need to do is get an assist with someone with bunny ears… :crazy_face:

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I got it by just playing as normal, someone will have it and it’ll get destroyed. No need to grind, it’ll just happen. Now I wear ears on each build to help other players.

I really like this red, it’s almost like it’s painted on with a big brush.

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it’s like those 30 year old red cars with the paint burnt by the sun, hey, but it’s more red than the pink that i have and…and the rest of my build doesn’t have a pristine aircraft cover paint, so…

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We don’t even have a proper shiny british racing green :japanese_goblin:


I wish they allowed us to keep the bunny ears

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Pretty sure that’s the case. I just brought in a good ole’ spray & pray weapon & did my best to hit everyone on the other team. Worked like a charm.

There are almost no greens that aren’t part of a pattern or very dark. This is unacceptable. If this doesn’t change, I’m never playing again.

Or… not… whatever. :laughing: