Destroyable bridge on bridge map

Has anyone seen how you can now blow up sections of the bridge in this map?

It’s pretty cool.


i seen a vid about it. is it live in game already?

No it’s not live in game, I saw a video of it.

But it seems pretty cool. I figured that I would start a positive thread. It’s kind of getting old arguing with all the random guys.

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that would be cool…and buildings Next! :crazy_face:

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The one thing that worries me is the bridge looks to easy to blow up in the video.

But it’s pretty cool.

They got a video on YT now showing a spider build ramming throw trees, knocking em over

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Yeah man, they have added some really nice stuff to the patch.

So we got bridges falling and trees being turned into lumber, wonder what else they’re making destructible!?

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