Destroyed Parts Not Counted

The heck you mean parts aren’t counted? The numbers went up. Most structure parts are BASE rarity, and there isn’t a patch for those.

I used to get 2–3 Destruction patches per battle, but not anymore. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to get no patches at all.

In any case, look at the screenshots: some 5k reputation gained while 6 parts destroyed.

Look through your game logs they should contain the part destruction info.

Logs are not that detailed, and also they go back only a week, for some reason. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

There was a challenge recently to destroy wheels with machineguns or smth like that – only about half of the wheels got counted. I think there’s some trigger or variable that has been unaccounted in the recent update. Like the “sort by energy” option in storage would show cabs’ energies before, but now it shows zeroes.

There is a toggle between the map and a second function I think it’s f2 or 3 on the keyboard that will show you the part count you have to hit tab first. It’s always going to be different from the part point score though.

Report it though use what I’m saying to rule stuff out…

reports of actual bugs go here:

Don’t put complaints in there it just congests the system.

And when weekly challenges have a “destroy some parts” condition, those counts are also different.

Normally things are counted as they are. Don’t confuse points with parts though.

Yeah, I definitely thought I destroyed 1340 parts in a couple of battles.