Destructable objects ruin aim

Personally, I have nothing against the way destructable objects look. They fill the maps nicely, and can be used to detect careless players in cloak.

HOWEVER, they have this nice habit of catching your crosshairs if you are aiming at anything behind them. This causes the guns to aim at said object, instead of the thing behind this, making the shots miss 9/10 times.

Most objects are shoot-to-destroy, so they’ll only mess up your shot once, but others, most notably the wooden towers on the hills in ‘bridge’ map, can only be destroyed by ramming through them. This means that a large angle of fire is made useless until you expose yourself to enemy fire to ram it down.

I really hope that they change destructable objects no longer interact with the way guns aim, since this has needlessly cost me my victory way too often.


I hear you,
Whoever approved destructable objects in this game should be fired,
They mess up the aim of all weapons,
But maybe that was the point in creating them,
Seeing that all governing entities want to make life miserable here on this planet.

Maybe because you use auto aim? I think auto-aim can be allowed only up to level 30, I can’t believe that people who have been playing clan war for years use it

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is there even auto aim in the game, aside from caucasus or the guns on leviathans. Autoaim should always aim directly at the enemy, so for these cases, this issue does not exist.

I use mouse and keyboard at all times, and the problem occurs when I aim at an enemy, usually at some distance, behind destructable objects that are close to my vehicle. Parallax effect and all that.

Now I understand better what you are talking about, the sight is aimed at the object and in relation to the distance of the object. It happened to me with shotguns when someone is on top of me, the sight is on something that is on my roof and seen from above, that is, an impossible place to shoot. then the guns will lock and won’t fire even when it could be hitting under the car

Nah, destructible objects fill out the map and make the map look better, plus for a long time a lot of the Crossout community asked for destructible objects for a while, the person should get a raise for listening to the community, not like the maps are overstuffed with them, I personally think there should be more variety of said objects

Nobody wanted these objects in the game…
we wanted More Maps…
and not call of duty maps…
just maps that will work with all these different types of weps…
Only thing players wanted was for the stupid trees to be destructible or drive through them…
you know,the trees you get stuck in n stuff…

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Well, we kinda did. I heard a lot of people ask for war thunder style destructable objects, and I was one of em… too bad the devs were lazy again with the aim thing

We just wanted to destroy the trees and make some objects invisible so we can aim better.

Well I want stuff like destructible small builds and walls and even trees so ha

Yeah I wanted to blow up structures and trees and the ground and stuff. Like if crossout had that element of the game Red Faction in it.

These little destruct able objects do mess up aim at times, but not too often. They help see invis people, and I love watching clutter sail through the air. So overall I like them.