Destructor main tries out Athena, chaos ensues

Heya, I like playing destructors a bit more than what could be considered as healthy. I main a destructor hover build in top 10-30 Clan Wars here on PC, and can say that I am moderately cracked with them.

As you may all know, a few weeks ago the devs graced us with the P2W crafting concoction that is known as Athena. I tried some exhibition builds in my garage and was not very impressed by their performance. Because of this, I steered clear of getting these guns, ‘maybe later’.

New update rolls out; rejoice! Everything is more accurate now. Tried them out again, same damage but better accuracy, ‘maybe later’. However, as you usually do with Clan Wars, I earned a boat load of coins and decided that the best course of action was to buy the most hilariously outrageous waste of coins available, just because.

Trying out this gun in PvP, I noticed a few things. Staying relatively still while sniping gives you insane accuracy, and this gun has no optimum range, meaning that until the very maximum distance, Athena still deals full damage. This allows you to effectively trade with machine guns at range., which is mighty neat. Durability-wise, you would expect a gun like this to fall off way more than it does. Because of the unique step-like bottom of the gun mount, strong armour parts (like screeners) can be placed on the gun easily without sacrificing too much aim freedom.

I have also noticed that for some reason, builds that have the weapons close to each other (punisher hovers, breakers, destructors, etc.) lose their guns very fast to Athena, because of the explosive perk when you land the entire burst.

Final verdict: this gun is a rough diamond that only shows its shine when you are fighting actual enemies. Is it strong enough for top tier Clan Wars? yes. Is it worth getting? Maybe, but please remember that these things literally cost two to three times as much as other legendaries.


Thank you for your review. I have two of these in my inventory that I have not had time to build with, this makes me excited to try.

Do you have a picture of your build?

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Not really, but I am currently using a blueprint made by Userlol, rebuilt to fit photon instead of nova.

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Thank you.


Interesting. New legendaries should always feel legendary at launch. I hate when they buff something after launch. They could have just made it legendary to start with.

I probably won’t get these. I’m more likely to pay 10 bucks and get the set of fused blockchains. (skipping this also).

I certainly appreciate the review, I will throw these into the “when finished unlocking banners” pile.

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It’s Pay to play when they lock you out of crafting… Someone’s still paying even though there’s a market.

I actually liked the weapon when they dropped and it was already pretty pin point if you tried to aim it well but it’s just too pricy for me. Big issue was slight movements jittered it easy.

Athena seems like a fun gun, shame about the devs retardation about it in general. On the other hand I am thankful it’s not straight up broken meta because I can’t afford it, but at the same time I find them extremely laughable for how expensive they are and how their crafting and release was handled. The idea behind them is solid, much more solid than some of the stuff they pump out


Eh they dropped in price to barely above the price of a Kapkan…

I bought two. Haven’t built anything yet.