Devs...a free roaming camera in spectator view

so we can watch the whole map and not 1 player at a time…
we can zoom out and see the whole map…great for streamers n stuff,and fly around for great footage…
this pic is the view without being on any player…a free roaming cam would be nice…


yess, really looking so nice

That will ruin the tactical advantages of the game. I don’t want some guy floating above my hidden car pointing out my location to allies.

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i thought that already,just disable the pointing out locations on map when you die,like all the other games…simple…
as it is we can clik on map to where enemy players are just buy cycling through the players that are alive and seeing on the map where the enemy is…but in free roam cam you can’t clik the map like that.

Groups could use their mic’s though.
Nevertheless, I like the idea.
What if we could replay matches with roving cameras? I think the game would benefit from users being able to easily make cinematic videos of the gameplay. Some racing games have a cinematic replay function, and I would love to be able to study my matches and see where things went wrong from a god view.

People use coms.

No thank you