Devs blocking players who leave the northern justice mode early

The devs should fix the match making first before they start blocking players who leave at the start, i wouldnt need to leave at the start if i wasnt being matched with 6-8K players when i play at 14K+.

Fair enough. They also should lift countdown times.

A well earned block right there.

note I have seen 6ks out damage and play 14ks in that mode… its almost like power score just means direct fight survivability not skill.


Sadly I have had terrible latency issues the past two nights in a row. Some servers do just fine. As others ping is 100% trashed . I have had the phenomime where when spawned my controls are reversed and no matter what I do my build is 100% uncontrollable. At that I am deemed 100% useless to the team and no rewards will be issued. I S.D This issue has come & gone often. I clear my cache, Check for any updates on my system reboot the router and even go as far as cleaning my games cache on steam itself & click repair on the games launcher. Still the “Glitch is a bitch”.
*Note. I am not in any way attempting to justify the person(s) in the original post bailing out of a match in any way. Simply stating some issues may have been encountered.


Greetings, tis a joke:

I want another map, and the wait time to respawn is too long. I dont mind the lower PS players. I realize they wont last as long, but hey this is crossout. And the rewards wil be lower.

I liked “Rise of the machines”, and I was hoping this would be similar, but the MAP is terrible, and those “revive” clones for the enemy are too much… and it seems like they flash white all the time and can’t destroy.

I do want to say this again: If you join a raid… and quit before it starts, YOU should NOT lose your fuel. I could see if you join then quit yes, but while in Queue… no. If I’ve messed up someone explain why… I always admit to something if I’m wrong…

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Stop leaving games and creating problems where there are not. It’s a team game, if you’re incapable of taking one for the team, go play Skyrim or something.

Like wtf is wrong with gamers these days, whining because they’re the big asset of their team and noone’s there to carry their asses…

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Being the Devils Advocate in this matter. Throwing out possibilities. I would like to see what the server ping is on that match and were they having issues making their game unplayable? And “if” , Was the reporting done without any consideration of from a Do-gooder thinking they was reporting a troll in haste? Next time I have crap ping in this game during any match perhaps I should just be dead weight to the team from the inability to perform and remain glitching out which has been happening often. Then I can get reported for inactivity. Its a game just have fun & move on.

It’s relatively easy to spot a leaver from a dude with a shit connexion after a few games. besides, I didn’t say I was reporting lame people who only want to play easy games either. Usually those who leave to get easy games aren’t going to pull their weight anyway, so they’re not a big loss. If they value themselves so little that they think they don’t make a difference, why should I care?

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well every instance you go into and then click ‘go back to the garage’ should be banned for 5 or 10 minutes to join again…toughen up and play,it’s just a game you chose to waste your time on… :crazy_face:
so why waste our time because you want to quit?

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I can’t remember the last time I left a game on purpose.


OIh, I understand your point now after rereading it. I have had some problems with XO and internet stability, and it’s always annoying getting locked out of playing a mode because you dced twice.

It’s probably extremely easy to detect if a player asks to leav, or gets dropped by the server tho, so I don’t know why Targem doesn’t just do that.

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Last evening in northern justice the ping issues returned. I remained in the game never the less . It was 100% unplayable @ 357 ping flopped around continuously throughout the match like a fish out of water. And for my trouble’s of not bailing out I was removed from the game due to the wonderful Easy Anti Cheat for “suspicious behavior” . Strangely this ping issue began when Rise of the machines dropped and mysteriously stopped when it ended. And now the server gremlins have returned and reappeared when Northern Justice was dropped. Sure the ping issue will end after its finale and removed from the servers. I would provide screen shots of the ping @ 357 but my given name is also on the shot. Higher pings were noted. I filed a complaint and it was not listed in bug reports this morning.

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Depending on the patch we’re playing on, I’m 20ms perfectly stable, or booted out of 25% of my games.

Totally on Gaijin’s potato servers fault, and one of the main reason why I stopped giving them money. They can’t even provide the services they sell at a premium half the time.

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