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How can you shoot through your shield but yet be shielded ?
even in Star Trek they have to drop their shields to shoot. am i wrong?



Star Trek: With phasers they just match the shield frequency to shoot through the shielding. It might be a different story with the photon torps though.

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i don’t think they match anything with all these different weps.

um what,then why couldn’t the enemy match it to?

In this game I don’t think they could use a similar theory answer.

The various enemies occasionally do in the show, normally via spies getting the info. Screen grab from one of the movies where they stole the info:



The shields are like one-way glass. If we’re going to accept energy shields as a real thing, there’s no reason why they couldn’t function like that.
They could be a network of lasers, configured to have their maximum intensity happening where they overlap into little points facing outwards, which would burn up and coming projectiles. But outgoing projectiles would get nudged into the gaps between those points.

Or maybe allied projectiles all have some kind of electronic tag that momentarily disables the shield as they pass through.

It’s all imaginary anyway, so no reason why we can’t imagine explanations.

However, I would not be upset if shields blocked all projectiles. Could make for some very funny slapstick moments, which I am always in favour of.

Synchronization Gear ; The most effective solution was the synchronization gear, developed by the Dawns children. This gear restricts any gun’s firing to only when the shield was not in the way, ensuring that the bullets would not hit the barrier shield . Thus dropping the shield in micro second bursts appearing the the weapon is firing through the shield itself. Just my thoughts for the lore…


I actually would like shields to be better in the game. I often find them kind of useless mostly do to the low active run time.

It probably would be nicer if you had scores for shield soak reserve and could turn them on and off to replenish them. Breaking a shield should cause dmg to the unit. I’m sure there’s some rule set for them that could be figured out that would work better then they do now.

I’ve mentioned this before though with how the little bubble is hard to work around too. So extra emitter (extenders) and such would be nice too.


Did a similar thing with plane props in the early 1900’s, actually. the machine gun mounted behind the prop was synced with its rotation, firing only when the prop wasn’t in the way.

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They call that assembly…

I looked it up. The Coyote seems to have been ahead of the curve with that one.