@DEVS: If it's not broken, don't fix it ... but fix it you have. FRAUD CHARGES


I am sorry to tell you, but this update will be the end of the road for many players that enjoyed playing on the ground.
I simply cannot play my builds anymore, due to the changes brought to the game.

Imagine buying premium for 3 years straight (YOUR PRODUCT).
Imagine capping uranium for 3+ years, and upgrading relics, just to have them become useless.
Imagine upgrading firebugs and flash, just for the enemies that you kill in cabin, to now be stuck on your face, and make you useless, until you manage to get free.

Killing a spider in cabin, is a death sentence, it just falls on you and you cannot get away.
Killing a hover makes it get stuck on top of your car, and you cannot shoot straight due to the reticle aiming at the dead carcass on top of you, plus get mass-tonnage debuffed.
Killing a ground vehicle makes it act all sorts of ways, and sometimes disables your car by going under your build.

Wheels feel super clunky, sliding around and oversteering, very slow to change direction and pick up speed again.
That doesn’t help at all in combat though, since the car cannot keep momentum like before.
Seeing as I need to be on my target to deal damage, there goes 300.000 coins worth of fused items, into one build, that is garbage compared to what it was before the big change.

Hovers have a speed of 95kph and instantly change direction, which makes them impossible to stick on, with ground movement parts, reverting all the players that used to play that, to hover kami breaker-something.

95km/h, instant directional change, flying higher than before and jumping over every firebug and hybrid-lancer build, no matter how tall , … not being affected by slow effects … like whaaaaat ?!
Have you even tested this patch before releasing it ?

It’s definitely the end of an era, and I am not sure I care to play hover melee, I didn’t pay nor play for that.

Everything that I worked towards, for the last 3 years of constant premium subscription and constant fighting in Clan Wars, to cap uranium, has went to shit after 1 single update.

How is this ok ?
How do you go on with ruining an archetype completely?

Look, I have no problem with you people, it’s your game, you do what you want with it.
BUT if you want to go around messing with things like this … selling a product in good faith, and then changing it and making it useless , because you can, after people have upgraded it and cannot return it … is just evil, and in the real world, where we all live in, is considered FRAUD, and charged appropriately.

Just give me a REFUND for all my stuff, all your producs that I’ve bought and you’ve made useless, and I will be on my way.

I cannot use the products I’ve purchased from you, they are useless now, and you did that, with a patch.
Nobody asked for this, and I am sure, the way you’re doing business can be considered ILLEGAL.

This is a DISGRACE, and you’re lucky you deal in an “online environment”, because otherwise I would sue you with customer services and bring you to court, just out of principle!


i feel you bro, my wheel and hover builds are fuked up too. im gonna delete the game just to protest it. im sick of centralised decisions.

Yes, regular wheels are absolute garbage now.

Luckily i didn’t put any money into my pc account.

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Wheels are great now. You guys just need to balance your weight better and rearrange your wheels.
My wheeled builds all handle much better since the update.


The delayed steering makes it impossible to countersteer in time, or make any quick adjustments in general. I really fail to see how you could see that as an improvement.

Bigfoot wheels are especially bad. What wheels are you using if you don’t mind me asking.

Edit. Why does the forum automatically remove quotes now. That’s stupid. Anyway, this was a response to Poony4u


I’m mostly using hermits or buggy wheels, but I also tried a lower PS build on Array wheels.
I only notice the delay if I crank the steering without braking, and I see it more as skidding than a delay.
Also, I’m on console, which means I can do smaller steering adjustments than PC. That might be part of why the changes are working better for me.
As well, most of my wheeled builds always skidded a lot, and that’s part of how I use them. I don’t need a particularly tight turning radius if I can swing my back end around in a quick 180 skid.

I have been using hermits a lot since the patch.
They work great.

Have not had much time to test other wheels, but I will be doing some of that tonight.

P.S. I love to drift :slight_smile:

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Yeah you be drifting in the USA?!

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you fucked this game up devs!!! wtf…gived me a fuckin refund!

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I doubt any are, I don’t Sethioz is the type to make a new account on Crossout without tryna monetize it on youtube, I’m amazed anyone still talks about him! It’s been years sense he got the boot


No, it’s not… it’s only been a few months and that’s been filled with him non-stop hopping through YT videos and etc. commenting.

It’s also quite well known he’s on an alt in game.

Yeah, but who cares?

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You don’t have to deal with him spending hours negging on things and trying to purposely misguide newbies. We do have to deal with him on PC. Sorry not every conversation centers around a joystick.

Regardless, the point stands that there’s better than even odds most of these guys are… non-player astroturfers.

Good for you, and there are specific wheels for that, the rest of the wheels should be more stable.

I’m using Bfs in one build and studded wheels in the other.
We (PC) can do small corrections too, but now with this update the small correction is to make a turn, if we turn like we used to, we can do a full 180 turn, causing the build to lose speed and to oversteer (there’s a slightly delay beetween when you stop the input and the build responding.
This is not critical in fast build, cause all of this translate in a slide but in slower builds can be very annoying specially if the build has fixed angle weapons.
And even worse if it has Gremlins . Nw they won’t work properly if used as it’s meant to be used (i’m hoping they will fix it)
My top speed is 72 kph, but in reality it goes around 68 to 70 kph, going up the hill (rock city map e.g.) if i was not at top speed i would go between 40-55 kph, now it’s more 35- 40 kph.
I run 6 wheels 4 st and 2 non st classical lay out.

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Pretty much you don’t have to “deal with him”, you choose to do so.

This is not a joystick conversation like you rudely put it, this is a human nature conversation.

If you read anything he says and comment back then that’s you wanting to interact with him. Just like your reading this post now, it was you who decided to give me a part of your life.

We don’t have to “Deal” with anything here, this is the internet where people are like bots for our entertainment. If we don’t like what someone has to say then we can always choose to ignore it and move on.

At the end of the day, no one on the internet matters in real life and you can turn everything off with the push of a button and everything goes away.


I honestly hate the new changes iv been a devoted player when it was Bata now with the newest update the controls suck RETURN it back to the way it was and stop making stupid changes like this or refund the money I have in this game and I’ll go somewhere elts

I think you’ll get the hang of the changes with more time. It’s hard to switch up your muscle memory at first, but I think you’ll figure out how to work with the new physics.

As I’ve posted elsewhere, mass balance greatly effects your handling now. I know you like to use lots of plows, and that could be leading to your front being overloaded. In this situation, you may want to try putting the four ST wheels in the front, and the non/ST in the rear.
You could also try shifting around some of your armour to put more weight in the rear.

I haven’t tried any heavier Bigfoot builds since the update, but I will later this week when I have time. I suspect they will also benefit from careful use of the handbrake as well. On fast builds I’m constantly tapping the handbrake without even thinking about it. It becomes reflex after a while.

I know you like to do extended fine tuning on your builds, but this is a good moment to try building something from scratch again.
Start with just your cabin, frames, and wheels. Test that until it feels good, then start adding guns and modules. Test your handling again. Keep testing as you add armour, especially heavy parts.

Edit: since you like fixed angle weapons, have you tried any strafing parts since the update? The new controls really suit limited angle weapons. I could see you enjoying meatgrinders.

You have to do quicker taps on the turn keys. The longer you hold down the more severe the turn will be.

I’m getting there, slowly but surely those kinds of parts are next in the list, but will take some time

As soon as you accept the terms and services you agree that anything in the game is subject to change, Fraud my ass, you agreed to all of this LMAO.