*Devs please Fix Incinerator FX/Visual fire puddle so we can see it when it hits..😲

can you sinc the visual with the damage pretty please…it’s the green FX mostly…
every time it’s(oh look fire,i’m going to move!) ,Boom! …as my heath is full.and now i’m Dead…
*i looked for the topic on this but i couldn’t find it…




I second (third?) this. There’s been many many times when my build would just randomly heat up for no reason just for me to see a fire puddle then spread to me from just off screen like a half second later.
Either make the fire FX appear instantly rather than growing outwards from the projectile’s impact point or, have the actual AOE collider follow the fire FX’s growth.


is there something similar with a retcherlike gun or drone? happened to me yesterday 2 times. nothing to see, “grenadesound” but no visual explosion on screen, all my weapons are gone.

the Heather maybe? it has a bug where it makes no sound when fired or landing

Maybe you were hit from behind?

Weird, I play 50% of mission and raids with Inci, no problem here. On PC. Is it a console thing?

He’s talking about the fire puddle radius perk of Blight. The puddle goes green, but its size doesn’t change, which is very annoying since you start taking damage 5 meters before being anywhere near the flames.

It’s really time we get properly sized puddles, and blue allied fire.

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Blight, mmmhh, gonna try it. Not used Blight since I switched to Hadron/King Inci build.

It’s on PC, too… If you’re not really paying attention, you may not even notice it’s happening to you in the heat of battle.

See what I did there?

I have noticed this issue, it started happening fairly recently.
The game seems to have a new (and very low) limit on how many audio sources can be active (a la an 80’s NES console game lol). I noticed it when firing a trombone; most of the time, they don’t make their “screaming” sound similar to the hurricane. It becomes a big issue when the sound of falling enemy artillery gets muted. So, you have no warning as to when you should look up to try and avoid it. You basically end up dying to a bomb the enemy fired from their spawn 5 seconds after you spawn in.
Not fun at all and I hope not intentional.

it seems to be only on upgraded ones for me. (from incy player viewpoint)
I was making some fortunes, wish i hadnt sold them :frowning: and my blue print was saved before I upgraded mine so it threw the non fused ones in.
No one turned red outside the puddle.
wonder if it is a bug that somehow activates old co driver code?