➡️ Devs please..get rid of this red graphic

it is too hard to see if the enemy is near.

just look,is there 1 left here or what.
if you want it in game,(make it green and only 1 dot)

please :kissing_heart: we asked you before.show some love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Yes, please.


Just change your ARROW to Gold on mini map. with out the emblem around the ARROW.

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Yet another instance of Devs totally play their own game and know basic things about it


It was probably added to enhance the competitive nature of this game, like Confrontation Mode, with the aim of driving up sales by incentivizing cash purchasing to stay ahead (P2W). I’m not saying it’s savvy implementation (it’s stupid like a lot of their consumer manipulation), but I am saying there was a general push to make this game more competitive, and cause infighting to stimulate cash purchasing, and this was a part of that push.

I think it has helped turn Raids into a dick mode it didn’t used to be, by encouraging team-mates to compete with each other. It even lures you into shooting your team leader by confusing him visually with one of your enemies, which I presume is how they want you to see each other (adversarial).

Confrontation Mode, on the other hand, is more savvy (or tyrannical), in that it has successfully turned us all into competitors whether we wanted to be or not. We are all ranked on a leader board now, incentivized by resource scarcity to cut each other’s throats any way we can. It’s no surprise there was an uptick in cheats and exploits.

There is nothing cool or necessary about the feature. They should remove it entirely, IMO…along with Confrontation Mode, and this forced clan tribalism.

Admin, grow up

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