Devs ruined my OG build

My oldest and favorite build in the game was just ruined by the recent update that almost doubled The Avalanches Mass. Please make it so that the Avalanche had the same mass as it had before. My build was on the dead man with a golden eagle and on omnis with omamori and they’ve completely ruined it. The point was to be agile now I can’t even get it to work and everything for it is fused. CAN YOU UNFUSE MY PARTS FOR IT FOR FREE? YOU RUINED MY FAVORITE BUILD

They’re not going to change the Avalanche mass back for you. They’re not going to give me back the 16% damage they took away from my Lacerators. And I’m speculating that when they unnecessarily change the energy stuff in a short while, alot of cars will have to be rebuilt.

Instead of dealing with player retention issues, they keeping spending time on unnecessary stuff. Jeez…


That is the opposite of the avalanche, my friend. It’s meant to be a slow-moving, well-armored mortar, not a lightly armored, super-speedy build.

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The most insulting part is that they said they wanted to buff the ava but it was a huge nerf instead. LoL. It does a whooping 60 points more blast damage! (adds up to a maximum 200-ish extra damage by affecting multiple parts, in my experience, usually closer to 100) And penetrates more. Which nets you overpenetrating shots in 9 out of 10 games, and a miracle shot that instakills an enemy in the 10th one. Totally worth the 2 extra tons. I’m fairly sure there was also an unlisted nerf to its shot dispersion, because unless I’m fully aimed, all shots seem to leave the barrel at a 20-45 degree deviation in a random direction. It wasn’t this bad before. We can’t have nice things.


The ava has a very slow turn rate. Are you spinning on camera steering pars and firing?

so the avalanche has 70% penetration on it, the fused one i have from the event long ago has 90% on it… lol.

They arent going to give me back that 34% dps they removed from Astraeus.

They only overpenetrate if you missed. Losing 60% of your 500 bullet damage to armor resistances and 40% penetration hurts way more than a little blast. 260 blast damage at Ava’s PS is irrelevant. Its the bullet damage that hurts.

Even then it doesnt matter because devs made epic wheels obscenely overpowered with their infinite durability. You can’t damage people through wheel armor.