Did anyone loss anything these days?

I purchased a cabin yesterday. But I found it nowhere. And my coins are lost,too. The carbin worth 1900 coins. I reported about this bug but got no replay. What can I do now? Just quit?

I heard someone lost two relic parts.

I hope you get them back… the server issues the last 24 hours have been a little crazy.

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Thanks a lot buddy. I am gonna quit. This time I lost 1900 coins. It’s hard to say how much next time.

Still no solution or reply or announcement.Which are most important.

21 days have gone. Does this game have any support?

is it possibly that you still have an open offer for the cabin , which would tie up your coins


No. Not in storage. Not in built. Not offer for sale.I posted an issue that contains all evidences.

And trade history shows that I already brought successfully.

Good luck. I’m assuming you’ve requested remediation through the proper official channels and not simply on this forum.

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Right. I posted an issue here “Gaijin.net // Issues”. Hope this is truely an official channel.

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Honestly, I don’t know where to get actual resolution. If try every venue you can find. I’d also post on Reddit since they seem to favor that. For a much less important issue, I also got a response via a private message to them of Facebook (they’re fairly active there).

Of course, there’s also the in-game bug reporting and the customer support link from the website…


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Got it! Thanks buddy. I never think of these sites because I am visiting websites behind the great wall. I’m trying to reach these two now.

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Good luck! If I can think of anything else, I’ll share. Let is know if you get a resolution so we can lead others to the solution in the future!

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