Did it worked?

I mean did it worked capping top speed to all cabins giving to hovers even more advantage under the excuse of the game being “too fast”? is the game slower now? because the only outcome i see out of this is a new unreacheable hover epidemy, but hey maybe it worked and now games are slower as you guys (devs) wanted, i`m just curious

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Um…hovers needed a bit more. And it’s barely anything Tbh. Now they are too powerful? Pleaaaaase. Sit down and calm yourself.

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  • Slowing sucked big time. You don’t slow down an already slow combat.

The only good thing (if this might be the reason) is that the Trucker finally gets used.
The bad side of that is that it’s used as a Borer build. Since the slower things are, the more cluster orgy fights you get. And it’s becoming Hell in low PS, with 2-3 Trucker Borers plowing through slow dragging snails.

But that’s not Trucker’s fault. It’s low PS melee that is too good compared to the rest of the weapons. (Or the rest too bad compared to it, whichever way you like it)

As far as hovers go, it was never about speed. Just acceleration, so while it can be kind of a good thing for hovers that cabins are slowed down, it changes nothing when all the kiting happens on sudden ‘instant’ direction changes that grounded movement can’t follow up, and going over things.


It was never about speed, but now some cabins have less top speed and as always, the half of the acceleration which makes impossible to catch a hover even on a hypothetical straight line, if we talk about a battlefield in which hover can take advantage of their instant acceleration and unparalleled maneuverability, well yep things got much worse, in the days previous that speed cut off at least wheelies had max top speed, which can help a little outrunning hovers, but now they don’t, as i said making the hover concept even more unfair

I think that Hovers were excluded from the speed nerf? Rly
They now go 75 with light and medium cabs and with heavy cabs only 70 or maybe less idk
U say Hovers are fast?
When u go 100 with wheels, bigrams too and 75 with Hovers, tell me how are they fast?
Over 3 years ago Hovers went 120+, then u could call them fast, in those days u needed boaters to catch up with a hover

I am nod defending the Hovers or the wheels with this post, I am just saying my opinion

Of course Hovers can change direction quicker then wheels couse they fly don’t have traction issues

Hovers can change direction incredibly much faster than wheeled builds, that makes in overall hovers staying at top speed much more time than wheels, while wheels with every change of direction, bump, or crash have to regain max speed at much slower pace, so hovers movin almost all the time at top speed, and having unparaleled maneuverability makes them much “faster” and in my opinion unfair to the rest of the non hover builds, that nerf to the cabin top speed didnt helped much solving that issue

in 1 update they killed 5 years of fine tuning for me and made it absolute that I’ll never play again, 8v8 to 6v6, still cant get a full lobby, everything is so slow for old men it seems, I don’t understand how they can go so backwards so often. Fast paced gameplay is the basis of most competitive games.

Acceleration, duh, c’mon… that’s been their whole thing, you could never out-pace a hovers ability to accelerate when they can change from any direction negating the turn speed and acceleration of wheels… that’s how.

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And what about the bug to the non St Wheels where it keeps his momentum with the handbrake?
If the user start to use a bit the logic and not Holding W and driving into the wall then he would realise that they have some extra buttons there that help turn ur build quicker keep torque and momentum due to a visible movement prediction of the Hovers WIch can determine the faith win or get stuck
And there is one more thing

This ain’t pinball where u bounce off, manny need to watch for the environment

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unlike hovers, lol
we could do this all day, such denial in this community

Im glad you moved on to this. Stay here and fight lol

U rly think so?
Its so funny when the hover gets pined to a pole or a small part touches rhe environment while beeing pushed around like a peace of paper

Now I know where is ur issue
U have a problem with skeleton Hovers Right?
Those are rly hard to hunt (coughs)

Drive once underneath them and u will se how Houdini makes his frames disappear

I don’t see many hovers in PVP these days, and I play a fairly wide PS range. I don’t find them particularly hard to fight against either, and I mostly play wheels.
I wish the game was faster, but my builds don’t feel like they’re significantly slower than they used to be, so I’m not as annoyed by the changes as I expected.
Much ado about nothing, in my opinion.

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It doesn’t matter HOW they do it, the fact is they CAN… Which creates an uneven and unfair gameplay.
Although, speaking of traction… Just because they have none, they should drift because of inertia and mass, when trying to change direction. Basically sliding to the side for a good while before they move the other way, not just jerk to the other side.

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But which hover will run away in a straight line? It will change direction, and by the time the wheels change and lose their acceleration they have to build up again, it’s gone and away.

  • Nothing against hovers as it’s not their fault of existing, but against the devs who in their bright idea to combine two gaming genres into one (flying and driving, each responding to DIFFERENT physics) caused balancing issues that can never and will never be solved.

They just made everyone suffer. The drivers with unfairness and fake promises, the pilots with nerfs.

Ok. If wheels aren’t working for you chasing hovers then use small tracks or omnis. Turn all you want yoy lose zero speed. They are great for catching hovers. Small tracks in peticular.

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Yes. Small tracks are far better. I’ve said wheels are lacking.
Now don’t get me wrong, the situation now is better than ever. We are far from a point of true balance when there are two games combined into one, but it’s not as bad as it was before.

I’ll have to say this again, I don’t hate hovers or hover players. It’s in the game, it’s not illegal. Play what you like.
I just don’t like opposing different physics in a PVP game. Still love Crossout more than I dislike that combination.

The claw wheels don’t lose speed when turning either. Also I just checked my only bigfoot build with five wheels on a howl cab and it loses zero speed when turning. It’s speedometer actually increases when it turns…same with hermits,and I assume the same goes for buggy wheels. In fact all wheels just don’t seem to lose any speed when turning. They haven’t lost speed when turning for a long while now.

I’m kind of boggled by this thread now. It seems silly.

Are u trying to catch hovers with a twelve bigfoot cohort build or something?


Slight turns keep enough speed, but making a U turn, or going around something the hover will go over, costs a lot of acceleration. This is what allowed light hovers to effortlessly kite.

I was never really good with hovers, since I didn’t put enough effort to master them. Just not my taste, obviously. But the time I played them, even as an amateur I found it so incomparably easier to run and dodge and evade than when I was using ground movement.
Part of it was the acceleration and sudden changes of direction, and part was not having to pay as much attention if I might hit some obstacle. Nothing made me full stop. Just bounce over or the other way and keep moving at full speed.
Especially letting me retreat and keep the focus fire on the opponent’s guns.
In a tight spot I could just accelerate away even off the cliff and know I will land on my feet.

It all just made it feel easy, even if I didn’t control it well yet.

Hovers are far from the supreme thing they used to be. I don’t mind them any more. But the playing field will never be even.

I hope you know I am not arguing with you. I’ll respect everyone with their choice of tools for the job. I’m just an advocate of having 1 set of physics in a pvp game.

Did it work? Not. One. Hecking. Bit. The devs were even so detached from their own game that the joked about adding a teleport module because there was still room for “positional gameplay” in the april fools fake patch notes. No, you fools, there’s room for positional gameplay if you have the speed to actually get into position before some invisible facehugger drives into/under you.

The 6-7 km/h loss on my CW Echo build somehow managed to absolutely gut it’s acceleration and agility, making it far less enjoyable to use, while the melees that already hard countered me got ironically hit the least by this stupid nerf. So instead, I started using a Blight Draco build that I pilfered from the exhibition. Using it leads to faster battles AND my job is usually easier AND I’m less bothered by r******d crutches like the Cuckpkan or Flash/Spark AND I can deal with Porcuckpine hovers at about the same rate, maybe even better. I’ve since replaced the Echo on the build with the Ermak which has more power (and more net mass limit) which isn’t as bad as the Echo is now, but the Blight Draco is still in rotation and I pick it for certain enemies.

So yeah, the devs effed up a lot of things for no reason while the biggest trouble makers are still the biggest trouble makers. And what’s worse, the devs probably don’t even realise it.