Differences between AC62 and AC50?

I have the AC-62s , they are as i think ACs should be, but i’m curious about the AC50’s.

What’s the differences between them?

1 shoots faster :rofl: :rofl:

doesn’t the slower one deal more damage per hit tho?

ya the further u r

Whirls and Cyclones are a bit sluggish, AC62s are just better, at least feels better handling wise, is there another AC that i could brawl with?

theirs the ac43

Now, that’s just shit

Cyclone, Joule, or Therm. There are no other options. TTK is extremely high so you cannot afford to have slow turning weapons because everybody dangerous is playing an evasive build. Whirl would be really good but its a double amputee with its nonexistent turn speed and accuracy coupled with a horrible perk.
The long range autocannons are a no go because they turn too slow and have to be tapfired. Their velocity sucks too and you nobody is killing anything at range with the TTK this game has. Those long range autocannons get clowned on by everything unless they are a legged tower build that nobody with shotguns bothers to focus.

Whirls are probably the best for brawling, but they are useless at long range.
The slow rotation speed can be solved with oppressor/buggy wheels, or strafing parts, or even tracks.

For lower PS, I like therms, but tend to play them differently. Usually on a small fast build, and try to do more long range work than close range brawling. I like them with either harpy or bat (for the explosion radius boost). I’ve never really tried Tempests, but I assume they’re basically most a special version of Whirls.

I find Therms to be lacking in power, I land way more shots but I don’t feel like I do any real damage, and then with Storms it feels like I don’t need to shoot that much to blow off parts

For the teal autocannons I think tempest>storm>therm

Tempest has good hp, amazing accuracy and good damage. Storms do way more damage, but can be tricky to land shots. Therm is the easiest to use but the damage is very lacking at any range