Different effectiveness over time

Hi, is it just me or does anyone else feel this way? I’ve grown fond of the thyrsus weapon, and sometimes I can take down a large spider with three charged shots, and sometimes even five charged shots are not enough for a small vehicle. I couldn’t find any connection on anything.

I think this game is spooky too. The game mechanics feel very inconsistent to me as well.

Presently, I am going through some builds I have on exhibition that I haven’t used for a month or two, and one is now OP, and IDK why. It works way better than it used to, while another no longer works for crap and was slightly over weight for some reason that I can’t explain.

I get the same maps over and over, when I know there are a lot more than three to choose from, and I can’t explain that either.

I used to think I knew my way around this game, but now IDK. Very little I do seems to work the way I would expect it to, and the stuff that does work, doesn’t make any sense to me either, beyond “because they say so.”

This game has odd physics and behind the scenes mechanics I don’t really understand, keep changing, and are in the process of changing again, and I believe change without notice periodically, so…how’s that for a non answer?

IDK WTF either.

I suspect one of the reasons for that perceived inconsistency is that there is a huge difference between what a veteran player is capable of compared to a newer player. Not just gear (although that is a factor), but also building experience, and playing experience.
A few veterans online at the same time will make games feel very different, especially given the small playerbase.

In the case the OP describes, a well built spider can tank a lot more damage than an average spider. I think that’s enough to explain it.

That’s definitely the case. A lot of times, builders will post a build on the exhibition with a deliberate flaw such as missing frame work or an ammo pack in the wrong spot to sabotage players who use their builds.

New guy goes on the exhibition, picks out what he wants, and then never looks through the build to check for all the usual landmines.

There are also building standards that veterans know about that a new person might not:

  1. The 7 block rule for spaced armor.
  2. The use of 3 Gunmounts (Lunatics) and 4 Elbows (Syndicate Pack) on every build.
  3. The proper use of Screener bumpers (Dawn’s Children).
  4. The avoidance of Gas Gen at all costs.
  5. The use of the Omamori.
  6. The 2-3 attachment point rule for weapon mounting.
  7. The identification of key frame points that require a heavy frame or added framing.
  8. An understanding of how armor pieces interact with cabin durability.
  9. A cabin fused for +durability or resistance to damage.
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There is a “map of the day” mechanic where there are high odds for two maps to appear and low odds for every other map to appear. If you kept statistics on what map generated as you played twenty games per day you could figure this out completely.

Last night’s “map of the day” must have been East Quarter then. Although, I think I can game that by switching builds (guns and movement parts). There are some weapons I just don’t use because I don’t like the maps and villains they generate repeatedly, like shotguns, for example.

I guess I should have said “won’t” explain it rather than “can’t,” because I know this game is full of BS, but don’t like trying to explain it.

I should have just said, “Get gud, noob.” This game is basically a system of cheats and exploits, and any player that isn’t using them is bound to fail against one that does.

I’m just happy that there’s now a way to permanently avoid sector ex (if you only play air battles, it never shows up).


It was a cooler map when builds were less big and a high power-score was like 9K, probably.

lol that map might actually be fun with small heli’s if they pealed back just a little more portions of the roof. Some of the other maps have just as small passage ways so for a good flyer if they open the top up more it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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I think they could also save that map if they added a larger perimeter before people get to the “yard” around the building. And if they made the ceiling destructible like the new satellite dish map, it would be quite interesting.

I suspect/hope they are planning to update all maps for air vehicles, and eventually eliminate the choice of battle type.

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Yeah super save-able it’s actually a great map for smalls it just has issues for big builds. Basically anything that doesn’t fit in the yellow box pretty much makes an issue navigating the passages on the map. If they opened up a few of the walls a little and gave it a larger yard around the building maybe some cut-throughs it could be really fun. Especially with falling ceiling stuff as you suggested.

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It’s also a problem map for any guns that shoot upwards (artillery, homing missiles), and not actually that fun for small fast cars either.
But I could deal with the cramped quarters if the roof didn’t make so many weapons useless.

Yeah that roof is a real issue for a lot of weapons, so is the second floor I’ve seen bots try to shoot through it a few times. The avalanche does great for dropping shots into the circle though from the second floor. It’s actually one of my favorite maps for my little shotgun cerb.

It’s the map I also figured out you couldn’t air drop drones on wheels via the second floor.

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There is one particular decor item that is OP at armoring this generator. I’m waiting to see if it still works after this patch. I know I won’t be able to armor it with sabbaths anymore :frowning:

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