Different rewards for new players?

Hello , I have just started this game one week ago alongside 4 friends. 2 of us started playing last week and the other 3 started playing from yesterday and the day before that. 4 of us (including me) have received the rewards from Birth of a legend ( new players quests; you can find the items here: Birth of a legend | Crossout Wikia | Fandom ) but 1 of my friends received the same rewards PLUS 4 extra cars with rare hulls and weapons and legendary decorations; His quest is also called Birth of a legend but he actually has more / better rewards than all of us did. I didnt see any update in the passed few days that indicates a change in the new players quest.
After playing for a week I realised this game is a hardcore pay to win / pay to have fun game, so you can imagine that anything you can get for free counts alot especially for new players; I was wondering if anyone had the same issue or if it is an issue at all;

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Are you on PC?

If so you might find some good stuff in the below post.

Yes, I am on PC.
Thank you, but I already checked this forum thread before and I have acquired some promotional items.

But this was not the issue I described. Like I said , my problem is with the quest Birth of a legend ( Birth of a legend | Crossout Wikia | Fandom ) which is available for any new player as I understand. We all have obtained the rewards that you can find on the wiki , but one of my friends received EXTRA rewards in the form of purchasable cars equipped with rare parts and legendary decorations which we didn’t get;

Yes sir, I understand that is not your issue.

But no one here will be able to help with that, so I offered the only help I can think of.

Maybe you can report a bug?? That is the only other thing I can think of.