Difficulty registering phone number for Gaijin Pass

I’ve been trying to register my phone number for the Gaijin Pass, but after about 15 attempts, I still do not receive the SMS code.

I’ve read some others having difficulty with this as well and it was reccommended to use an authentication app .
I’ve downloaded an app and tried to use it about 5 times but I don’t understand what I’m doing incorrectly.

If anyone had this problem in the past and was able to figure out how to fix it, could we discuss step by step on what to do?
Thank you.

I had difficulties to so I stopped trying, especially when I started to think to myself why do they need this information for an PC/console game and is Russian companies under the same governmental control as Chinese companies are and will they share my Phone number with them, also, why is another Gaijin pass required when they already had on implemented that didn’t require a phone number