Dirty trick? - car jack & R-1 Breeze

So somehow I have a car jack and an R-1 breeze that evidentially came with some pack I bought. I can’t sell them, salvage them, or use them for crafting. So they just sit in my inventory wasting space. Of course I am always being told I am out of storage space because evidentially imaginary digital items take up space to store. I understand the game has to make money but wasting your storage space with unusable items that have bene foisted on you, this seems like a naked attempt to bilk users. It’s sneaky and dishonest.

You can sell the existing ones you have and replace them with the new, untradeable ones. I was in the same situation. Also remember that you can salvage or discard 5 items each week for badges, which is a good way to get rid of junky stuff you don’t need.

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Make sure you read carefully as some of those free ones don’t occupy space.