Disabling callouts

Please tell me there is a way to disable callouts, it seems to be the latest fad to spam them all match, it gets really annoying with the constant PING PING PING PING PING PING PING




I would also like to be able to turn off this feature.

The one thing I hate the most is a Random guy trying to be the general of the battle.

On Xbox we still have in game voice, I wish I could turn that off too. If you hear anything in voice it’s normally one of 3 things. 1) music 2) someone trying to order everyone around 3) some dude that died in the first 30 seconds of the match telling everyone how much they suck because they didn’t defend them.

I’ve noticed that, sometimes, if the ping is being spammed specifically off the edge of the map, that generally means a player is lagging out and about to disconnect.

If I ping the map, y’all better pay attention because that means an enemy has slipped behind and is about to plow through one of you.

I haven’t played a game where the callouts were spam throughout a match, I’ve seen people use them, and what I see a lot of and it’s annoying are people spamming the map markers while in the countdown at the beginning of the match, that happens all the time. Sometimes someone gets too excited and does it at the end of the countdown revealing who was spamming, when that happens I just riddle them with friendly fire sometimes depending on how many matches beforehand I had people spamming like that

All these things happened on PC when crossout itself had in-game voice chat, but that got closed down soon after I join because of all 3 above mention things, blaring rock music, screaming at people to do this and that, or the #3 RoughMonkey listed, though it was mostly Russian players screaming but every now and again an English player would cuss out the team and voice insults

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Does that make you feel better? (If it does, then good)

Normally if someone hits me with friendly fire in the spawn I take it as a compliment. It normally means I wrecked that guy multiple times over the last few matches.

funny enough, shooting at a teammate at the beginning of a match is one of the unspoken rules to signal that you WANT to team up with them, lolol.

Yeah because they probably know why they’re being shot :rofl:
But I also see people who like to constantly fire their weapons right at the start of matches

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Or the ones that ram each other every time a match starts.

before the match starts at the last 3 seconds (making sure everyone is loaded in)i will ping the location of where the enemy will be.
and i will ping where i’m going…this usually helps…
when i’m dead i will ping where my ally needs help with an enemy or if they can’t find the enemy…
sound off…

Settings → Sound → Advanced → “Pings and emotions sounds”, “Co-driver’s talent activation/deactivation sound.”
Settings → Interface → Mini-map, player list and markers → “Nearby permanent ally pings” (bottom).

Now, what I take issue with, is the sound of the countdown before battles that can’t be turned off selectively. I’d have to disable sound altogether to get rid of that. I’ve sent in a suggestion to give us an option to turn that off, but the moderators don’t like me, so it may not happen. Send your suggestions about it, if you want it gone, and maybe they’ll listen to you. Who needs that? Who may have asked for it? During the countdown, I prefer to focus on the names on both teams, to know what I can expect during combat. That pinging is very distracting. And I don’t want it in my YT videos.

With all these recent additions:

  • the marker pings (unless those are old news, I don’t remember, turned that off a long time ago),
  • the co-driver talent pings,
  • the countdown pings,
  • the new form of the “Destruction” and “Assist” messages (which were initially crazy big and obstructive),
  • the bigger explosions,
  • the billowing smoke clouds obstructing vision for a precious second or two,
  • the new bushes sprouting up everywhere,
  • the car wrecks,
  • the glitchy bridge debris,
  • the Arbiter CK (but that was fixed, perhaps before any epilepsy-related deaths could happen),

Crossout is turning into a flashy extravaganza for twitchy kids that crave being bombarded with intense stimuli from all directions. I want a game where I can focus (and so should my teammates). I do like the bigger explosions and the dark smoke clouds, and appreciate the new, dynamic environment. But they shouldn’t interfere with using certain equipment, such as the Clarinet, or, more fundamentally, with simply seeing what’s going on - or not too much at least. The Clarinet flies just above the ground, and using it has become harder, with the new bushes, car wrecks (which can be hidden by bushes), or bridge debris (which can be driven over, but stops Clarinet missiles). More on that here:

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