Disabling sale of an item

who and why are the items in my storage locked from sale? I purchased them, I should be able to sell them, is this another way to make a person pay more money just to get slaughtered by an over equipped bot in 20 seconds, which leads to another topic… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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welcome to Crossout. Games 2023

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Which items? You can lock items yourself, so it might be you.

Package items are able to sell, until they changed something recently.

Paint sell sometimes require 2-step account verification or something as i remember.

Well its you, i never have this issue. Just bots seems changed, and some players cant manage them. Myself i never have problem with bots.

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I’ve noticed for a long time when you keep an item for a while it magically becomes untradable, I don’t craft sell, craft, sell I craft or buy something and keep it for a long like sometimes years

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Have you played a hard raid, lately?

Yes i did only 3 of them last time(like days ago) with friends.

It was so easy that we competed who go faster to end point or just who make more score.

And i were playing reaper myself and had 2nd place in score mostly.

I’ve noticed Firebois became harder to kill for some reason. Or it was just randoms in my team who were dying from facing Firestarter-boss. Yes, that one with 4 Breakers (Hammerfalls?) and Mastodont.

And Retchers are not so good right now. On the other hand, when I take Toadfish for a spin, enemies lie scattered or pop just like that.

I feel like Retcher era is at its end. Maybe Thresher will take its place.