Do I Pull The Alarm Yet?

Helicopters suck. Gajin has lost money twice now over helicopters. Their Apache game was a big flop, the helicopters are the least played vehicles in war thunder, and now helicopters in this game.
An 18% drop in player participation and now, what players are left are split between two groups

IDK. I’m sure they do in PVP, and I don’t even bother with “Sky Camper and the World of Tomorrow,” but I do like the copters for Copper Patrols, simply because the controls are fun and there is no pressure to perform, although I tend to do well in there with it.

This game seems like it’s only fun if you can game the game somehow. Like it doesn’t want you to enjoy it, and is actively working against you taking any pleasure in it. I think it feels like a psyop some days.

Most of this game sucks, IMO, and I disregard 95% of its “features” as garbage, but I have dug myself out a small corner of the wasteland where I can find it entertaining…sometimes. They are tight quarters though.

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So you feel pressured to pay for “better” items I suppose


Yup. That’s the game I’m gaming.

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Here’s what’s really going on:
The game itself isn’t fun or unfun. Rather, the game is like a zoo enclosure filled with a bunch of chimps. Some of those chimps are going to get mauled and some of those chimps are going to bite someone’s fingers off then beat their chests. Other chimps will sit on the sidelines and eat grass and other chimps will just fling poop everywhere.

If a player is into being a mauling chimp, he is having fun at another player’s expense. If a player is getting smashed, this is registering as fun to the smasher.

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If a player isn’t winning at least 30 percent of the time, he will stop having fun in any game. He needs to believe he has realistic chances to win.

In Crossout, the developers can’t save you from this hierarchal system. If they flipped the game on its head, nerfed everything and buffed something else, there would be new monsters to replace the old ones. Its just online gaming in a zero sum game.

I don’t think its helpful to worry about whether Crossout is shutting down. Every game, every company, and every person has a shelf life. Crossout is going to end some day. Stressing about fluctuations in Steam numbers which are only slightly correlated to Crossout player retention is un necessary. You don’t know whether Steam numbers are real, you don’t know the ratio and correlation between Steam statistics and the whole Crossout Community and you don’t know what causes dips or fluctuations in player retention.


I don’t know what makes any of this game tick, frankly, but that Zoo analogy seems pretty spot on to me.


True, that…I thought I recognised some bedlam players I know in that video…


I think it’s funny you referenced Jordon Peterson, talking about B. Calhoun’s rat experiment.
You know the end of the experiment was a total collapse of the rat society to extinction right.
The problem with the game is, that in a game with infinite builds your forced to play someone else’s builds, against a group of campers, while being forced to join a group of campers, when the majority of gamers are solo players.
You’re right about the 30% rule, isn’t that easier if you’re attracting the majority of gamers and not the minority.
You get grossly lopsided scores, “ no one on one team scores over a hundred points”. Once in a blue moon is one thing, but it happens with a frequency that the devs should be seeing as red flags. It happens so much there’s a couple other threads about lopsided scores.
This is what happens when you favor the clans over the solo player, the clans drive all the new and the majority of existing customers away.
The biggest problem is they try a squeeze as much as they can out of a minority of gamers instead of a little bit out of a majority of gamers.
Now why the numbers matter, gamers spend money on the game, if the game is going to be dead in a few months why would you spend money on something you’re not going to be able to play. It’s almost unplayable now. 5 matches in a row against the same players, queue time are getting longer. Why would the majority waste their money so they can be annihilated be the minority.


Jordan Peterson is a complete fool. Do not pay any attention to anything he says, especially about any fields outside of Jungian Analysis (which is the only subject he’s knowledgeable about).

His theories about biology and animals are particularly uninformed, and actual biologists are constantly trying to correct the misinformation he spews.

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A friend once summed it as “Jordan Peterson is more intelligent… than his audience”, and I think that’s accurate. Dude’s spewing pub-level sh!t but wears a nice suit so all the pub philosophers are feeling validated af.
I’m more impressed by his massive balls (or incredible lack of ethics) than by his intellect, because I have zero doubt the dude is self-aware and knows exactly what he’s doing. Business as usual.

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hes kind of like gajin/targem, a turd selling crap to idiots and fools.


All those kinds of people must be self aware, hard to believe that those types are simply delusionally stumbling their way through these kinda things.

I don’t think he’s actually self aware enough for that.
Remember, this is a guy who is convinced that if he eats anything but unseasoned beef he becomes physically and mentally ill. Also the guy who instead of quitting a benzo addiction the normal way, opted for an experimental Russian treatment where they put him in a coma to avoid withdrawal.

He absolutely believes his own spiel, but I will agree that he is a grifter as well.