Do I Pull The Alarm Yet?

Uh…holy schit? Should I be worried now? WTF happened? Those are some crap numbers.

I know these numbers aren’t the whole story, but this chapter of it is certainly a tragedy.


They keep pushing their hardcore playerbase away with their HORRIBLE management. P2W EVERYWHERE. Creativity does not work anymore. Why even bother when everything now boils down to P2W god fuse BP legendaries, Omamori, Thor, etc?
Its just Cyclones, Fortunes, and Athenas now. They have managed to powercreep Destructors and Nothungs out of mainstream use.


I was a bit shocked when I saw those numbers. I was expecting them to drop to something more like 3.5K and drag it’s feet there for a while, but nerp. It tanked, and right after the announcement of a new BP and mini event too.

It’s pretty disappointing. I was actually enjoying the game last night, and I’ve had a hard time doing that this year. I thought I saw light at the end of the tunnel. Turns out it was a train. This is likely to harsh my groove.

My game time is coming up. I hope it doesn’t suck, but I know the matchmaker has a tough time with numbers like that.


Well you’re only looking at 7 days worth of numbers too. If you look past a year were right around where they normally have been. i.e. consistently re-loosing any gains every time they get them.

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I think I’ve seen it dip below 2K before, and linger, but not I’m not sure I recall it being this bad with multiple events running…plus helicopters? IDK. That sucks pretty hard.

I’m not sure there is a good perspective for these numbers, but I respect the angle. It can flounder here on the bottom and survive a long time, I suppose. It has indeed done this before. Maybe not in such a dramatic fashion though, but it has.

8-10K players gone in less than a year. Player retention ain’t great.

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Happy to say I played for 1900 hours in the course of a year only one short year and I did my best to ignore players telling me devs don’t care just money had fun then I see first hand the rinse and repeat and ignoring all that just playing a few matches it’s always the same group of names b2b, b2b and if not them a clan of others…. I hop all power scores as a solo player and it seems each ps has its own group of seal clubbers or vets farming that power score relentlessly, clan wars fees like showing up to a job that pays little to nothing and I’d rather just mow a lawn and turn that into coin instead of playing, earn more coin in the same time and get some yard work done for someone… but really it’s sad state of affairs I’m thankful I have other games to play and just let my crossout account rot until maybe crossplay? Ugh it’s sad even RuneScape is breaking numbers and they nearly killed the game back in 2003 maybe in 20 years crossout will recover also…


On Xbox you can’t even get games in Europe from 10pm - 8am…

People can see that it’s “off hours” as much as they want but you literally won’t get a match in Europe most nights, not a single one… it’ll search for 2 mins and throw you into NA.

Same old story regarding player retention…the new kids see the great stuff you can build, get all excited…then a few months later (sooner, even) realize if you can’t drop some real money, you ain’t getting any great stuff. And from what I remember as a kid, most kids DON’T have money.

Every other month I’m clearing names off my friends list, mostly kids who were excited about the game, then realized they would hafta scratch and save for a month just to afford a friggin specter. And then repeat the whole process if they wanted a second one. And that was when you got a reasonable return from selling crafted stuff, not like it is now. :disappointed_relieved:

You would think Gaijin’s parent company (Targem) would teach them about player retention.


That’s why they try to separate low levels from 30+… it gives a fake outlook on the game to new players

I logged on and had fun again.That’s two nights in a row for me. I expected it to be worse, but I was getting matches, and my teams have been unusually good for the last two nights…mostly…


All I can say about that is, FU Pikachu…and LMFAO.

IDK what this nerd’s problem was. I was having a good time following this melee dude around keeping the guns off him while he chewed up bad guys, and this shit-head comes out of the woods following me around shooting at me.

I got annoyed and just stopped. Then he pulled in like you see up there, parked doorside, and thew a tantrum. I took the screenshot.

I was just sitting there, wondering what I did to piss this guy off, and contemplating leaving the match…until I saw the big red melee spider come crawling up behind him. Perfect.

Thanks melee spider. That made my day. I just kept it parked there until melee spider finished eating his helpless prey, then hauled ass, circled around, blew up him and his mate, and we won the match.

Moral of the story? I’m having fun anyway.


Ya, the culture shock almost killed me when I flipped level 30. It’s a very different game. Perhaps a more entertaining one (under level 30), and I think it shows that this game could be more fun, if it wanted to.

Perhaps it reflects that much of this game’s development has had a negative impact. When you play under level 30, most of this game’s features, guns (seal clubs), modules, and Hovers, are locked behind a wall, and you don’t interact with them at all.

It’s a nice childhood that gets brutally murdered, and buried in a shallow wasteland grave, unmarked, but for the scars it leaves on your soul.

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Yeah that’s pretty much how I look at it, you have to take the present with the past and the projections for the future isn’t necessarily pointing to a continual slide. Some of the down numbers for some seasons seem fairly on point with past trends too. We’ll still have to see how it goes as we enter into winter when the numbers normally come up from people having a lack of things to do outside.

I blew through the early levels really fast, so I was mostly surprised when I started hitting epics while still mostly having starter stuff. I don’t think they are trying to give a fake outlook to it but it could probably un-nerve new players, if they automatically got tossed to the slaughter or spur them towards getting a pack thinking they need it.

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This is probably why they’re doing crossplay - to consolidate the remaining playerbase. They didn’t want to do it for the community, so we’d all be able to play together. No, just to salvage what’s left of it at this point.

It may have helped if they’d created a separate ‘league,’ with a separate matchmaker, for veterans. Application/invitation only. So we wouldn’t have to carry those that refuse to learn and get good. From among those players, there could be selected the best ones, to be assigned a special invisible tag that would be used to automatically select battles with the most of them for streaming on Twitch, on a dedicated channel. With paid live commentators, for a proper e-sport feel. Which could be accompanied by tournaments, but not the current travesties with exposed explosive parts, or those tournament-exclusive modules thatridiculously crank up certain parameters (because they couldn’t make them fun otherwise). Tournaments should involve players’ own vehicles, and that would help with balancing the game. Cheap advertising on Twitch, and letting the world know that Crossout is a true e-sport game for competitive players (with a separate league for casuals too) would attract more people and money.

There’s not enough enough players to run CW, how do you want to make this dumpster fire an actual e-sport? Game is burning in the gutter and I suggest not doing anything, hoping it dies as fast and humanly as possible. Targem/Gaijin proved multiple times they’re beyond redemption, and the game stinks like a dead rat’s ass since 2.0, no surprise. Losing 70% players in a year is impressive tho.

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So Wargaming. all servers ( World of Warships) had between 9% (EU ) and 14% ( Asia) drop, the trend is going on a few years now.
There were a lot of transfers of accounts from Russia to Europe when the “Elephant appeared in the room” and despite that a 9% drop ( around 11 k average, back in my time was around 18 k and 24 k average, peak around 30 k/ 38 k)
World of Warplanes, failed, died. Kaput.
(World of Warships) Player retention is inexistent, there’s bots in PVP now in Tier 6 and below, back in my time there were always a full 24 human players rooster (12 vs 12 ).
Cvs and Subs , captains skill nerfs (rework) massive nerfs in rewards, aggressive monetary policies are among the big culprits.
A Mexican soap opera at every week and so on.
NA servers numbers start to resemble Crossout ones.

WoWS Player Count - A Predictable Outcome - YouTube

Just as a footnote this type of conversation in Warships ( about players numbers in a server) was never a topic a few years ago, now it is.

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Our numbers appear to be trending upward again. For how long? Who knows. I doubt it’ll go very far, but at least it looks like it’s out of that awful 2-3K zone, for now.

Regardless of the numbers, I’ve had fun playing for three nights in a row now. That’s probably a record for me this year, so whatever. I’ll take it. Hope it lasts.

I mean you’re looking at peak players at a certain time… so when players from EU and NA are on it’ll be high and then during those night hours it’ll be low… as there’s no Aus or Asian servers I doubt there are many players int hose time zones

That screenshot was was taken during a high point, so the “playing 33 minutes ago” notification shows higher numbers than the last, but I’ve been watching it (look at the curve), and the top and bottom marks (which are illustrated in the line-graph) shows a much better trajectory, I think. The bottom didn’t drop as low, and the top is higher.

This is a better curve. We’ll see if they can sustain it.

It’s so exhausting playing against Athena and Retcher hovers. One mistake and you’re done.

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