Do odin generator serve any purpose outside clan wars? Do anyone even play at 20kps?

Thinking about buying the odin this month cause theres really not much else for me get but by time I pairs it with porcs my ps be at like 20k or more. I wouldn’t mind getting it but if i can only run this gen with epics to avoid 5 minute queue times than whats the point of it? is mount odin worth climbing for anyone not using this in clan wars?

There are plenty of people that play 20k+ ps builds, I’m one of them. Normal que times, the PS range is large.

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Yeah if you play 20k+ you get to fight people 10k lower than yourself

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Well said :joy:

I noticed that but usually at the cost of a brutally high queue time, say if I’m running a 17k build but I’ve never tried out 20k. I got one that’s 18.6k ps but that’s just for rise of the machines.

id have to say no.

Play 12k with my light plasma build. I see them from time to time on 20k and even some times on 16k builds.

It is a cool thing to run into, almost like fighting a mini levi, either the team works together, or that one carry takes them out.

Granted the flamethrower bot with a player name is a bigger threat then most odin generator users at the moment as people are still trying to figure out the exact way to maximize its use.

Though I have seen a few guys using it to have a ava and autocannon in the mode with copters.

I feel like they mostly benefit 4 and 5 energy weapons allowing them more more modules than before

I played a few matches last night with a 17.6k build in reg pvp and queue times wasn’t that bad considering the circumstances of the game with steam charts and all. I say i topped out at 90 sec queues.

Yep more modules or allow for things like less ammo on cannon builds for DPH increase or a none ammo secondary.

As stated main thing I have seen them used for is 5 energy autocannons on ava builds, my guess is do to ava being so ammo reliant.

if you are in NA or Russia your Ques will rarely be longer then 2 minutes, anywhere else can have que times over 10 minutes especially if they are dumb and put region restrictions on.

Quad Punisher seemed like the best use of Odin

The MG? all that does is allow a single radiator or cooler.

Yeah, with Beholder and Hot red etc…

Eh just makes them slightly more of a pain that you need to stay out of range of.

A railcannon, or median will also have a big target on them. feel it is better for heavier weapons.

Starting to think it be waste unless your looking to max out 4 energy weapons like like you said. I say I prob be better off just buying 2 typhoons and throw in the towel.