Do we think they'll string us along forever?

Ever since the introduction of the Odin generator the prices of both the Stillwind and Thor increased to stupid levels, at least on console. Thor is currently at 50k, and the Stillwind was also hitting 30k before the recent mini pass lowered it.

But I can’t help but think we could be endlessly strung along while waiting for an influx of these items to lower the incredibly overpriced cost of items.

There are 2 ways for the items to lower and those methods are:

  1. Adding a Thor to a mini battlepass (event pass).

  2. Having an item un-fusing event with stabilizers.

I worry that they could very easily keep adding “other” legendary non craftable items to the mini passes and simply not choose to add the Thor. There are many items they could ass like the Omamori, Beholder, Nothung, Starfall… honestly the list goes on and they could choose to not add the Thor simply to keep the price at a stupid whale level.

Alongside this we are way overdue an un-fuse event where you can use X amount of stabilizers to remove a fusion on an items. It’s no secret that many players have fused Thors and Stillwinds from previous battlepasses that would net a hefty profit from being un-fused and sold on the market, or used to create an Odin generator.

It feels like an un-fuse event is intentionally being held back as the devs know all of this information too and know that the price will lower… I worry that they may change the recipe or items somehow before doing such an event.

Could I be other-thinking? It feels like something the devs would do to keep such an item scarce and pricey, they’ve screwed people over in ways before and I can’t help but get those vibes here.

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here PC prices on both…

Because you have enough to lower the prices I assume, it’s stupid on console.

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yup here in pc land we have market bots to make sure we can’t sell anything we buy to make a profit :rofl:

You’d be better off selling them and buying a Odin.

I think an un-fuse event is coming, and that we’re just feeling impatient.

There’s no good monetary reason for the devs to keep the market value of stillwind and thor high, because they aren’t sold in packs.
It’s possible they might end up in another minipass before there’s an un-fuse event, because it would help them sell the mini-pass.
I don’t see them ever putting old items in a main BP. That seems to exclusively be a mini-BP thing.

But to simple gain money they know people will buy passes, levels, packs and crosscrowns in order to save up for expensive stuff

I personally think they are just dragging their heels on which way would be the most profitable way for them to fix the issues right now. Which isn’t exactly stringing along. There’s a number of different options that they could take at this point to fix some of these market issues but to continually change them could costs them more in coding and design cost/time then sitting on the issue for a bit longer would.

theres another way to lower it that your forgetting, and thats adding a permanent blueprint of both the thor generator and stillwind to the game. but they wont do this because they need cannon fodder for battle passes and whatnot.

stillwinds went down in price ALOT from 30k down to about 7 - 8k atm on console.

and yes this was a huge issue that i brought up before, these prices are absolutely stupid and ridiculous. but i believe the prices are this high because of the community trying to artificially inflate the prices due to demand.

the only thing the devs will do is add the blueprint temporarily and give out a paid for thor in the next mini pass to temporarily solve the outrageous cost of the thor right now.

i think the simple solution is to put in the damn permanent blueprints, no relic in the game should be locked off like that to parts that you cannot normally get.

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There are other ways to do it too. Like returning workbenches for the seasonal for each faction involved. If you go to the faction pages they mention something similar most likely was a forgotten plan.) I’m not going to go through them all right now.

Yes there is. You can get coins from using crosscrowns, and if the price is only going up… you’d get more bang for your buck in the long run

I’m trying to be realistic in how they would go about adding an influx of these items, I don’t see them adding blueprints and such.

Honestly they’ll probably do something new that we don’t expect, something that will again not benefit players but pretends to.

It’s doing it seasonally and based on previously opened and incoming rates you can get an est of how many can be speculated to be made… They could change the recipe for each part based on least accessible crafting items (hamster being a little evil to make it harder).

See this portion that says Access to their parts opens up during special event in the…

That’s all that really needs to work well. Each of these seasonal factions have to show up with their workbenches + another normal faction with their extra special equipment normally in a rotation.

They have never worked out doing it though and that’s what makes the new stuff such a sticky issue.

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