Do you really want to open this crate?

I don’t know. I’ve been here for a coupla years, and every time I got a crate, I’d think, “Why is the game asking me if I want to open a crate I received?”. To date, I’ve opened all the crates, but maybe this time, something bad might happen, and that’s why the game is asking me if I really want to open it.

Maybe there’s a bomb inside that will blow my head off, and all the stuff in my garage will go back to the developers, since none of my clanmates are listed as beneficiaries. Maybe there’s a stump beast inside (like in the movie “Flash Gordon”) and when I look in, I’ll get a poisonous fang right between the eyeballs. Or maybe if I open it, I’ll get pulled inside by some thing and never be seen again, until someone else finds the crate and opens it, only to find my rotting corpse.

They say in Russia, you don’t play sci-fi games, sci-fi games play YOU. I don’t know anymore…I just don’t know if I should open this latest crate, or leave it closed. I’m really spooked… :grimacing:

lol I don’t mind at all when they ask are you sure you want to do this at this point.

I never know what to do… I have a few things… never know what to do…

I always have a few just in case… As you can see I don’t always open them just because I get them

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There is no other crate topic anywhere so I am posting this into here

Yay lucky