Anyone seen Doc lately? Have not seen him on the forum for awhile.

Good vibes going out to you sir!


he vanished about the same I time I got my forum account put on hold. He might be in the gulag…I’ve only just returned from the gulag, myself.


It’s good that you guys are looking out for each other.


I def don’t have him in my basement…


Hopefully he’s just having so much fun playing that he has no time for posting.


A penny for your thoughts.

I’m still here lurking about. It’s just that any time I posted anything at all it became the mupppet show. Even if it was as tame as simply posting the announcements. I got sick of the harassment. It’s like he gets notified any time I post. The last time I posted the announcement, he was the first to respond. So, that’s when I figured the tiny pricked man-child is following me around like some deranged ex-wife. It’s hard to believe people are that way, or how they make it through puberty like that. I just don’t know. Maybe they don’t. In real life I’d beat people like that to death with a tire iron, probably. I think it’s the right thing to do. But, this isn’t my world, so…

Also, I didn’t have much to add to the “Stupid devs ruined my Hovers” tantrum that was going on. That was too dumb to respond too, IMO. I tried, but whatever. Hopefully they all quit like they said they would, but I doubt it. Crossout’s numbers look better than they have in a long long time, so good for them. I’m glad to see it, and I hope they keep doing what they are doing.

I suppose I’ll see how this post goes. I don’t need the grief of on-line harassment. Who does? It’s not like I have anything better to do. I don’t, and I really like this game, but I will probably find another way to go about it.

I’m glad to hear Mupppet got suspended for harassing me, but I doubt anything will change. You can’t un-rot meat. I’m sure he will appear again soon, since I reckon he’s getting notifications of when I post. I won’t be surprised if he comes here to talk some more senseless trash, but I won’t be available to respond.

Thanks for giving a schit though, and I was glad to see the Wolf posted the last relevant announcement. Thanks for that too. I still read the forum, and I am looking forward to the next battle pass. Maybe I’ll weigh in again after that comes out. I bet it will be interesting.

Until then…

…and if I don’t, Merry Christmas, anyway.


I get you man.

Just know your missed :slight_smile:

We have a few people that come here that I will have to assume are garbage people in real life too. Video games attract the broken, the jobless, the drug addicts, the bully’s, and so on.

I would just ignore those posts if they bug you.
I feel sad for them, because the only thing they have to hold onto in life is the tough guy internet persona because they are nothing in real life.


See you in the wasteland, doc :pensive:. I’ll play some low PS, hoping to see you with your lances!