Does anyone else build like this?

When I make a new car, I tend to construct it in a way that it can still look good after taking damage.
By which I mean that I like to make sure the core build of frames, cabin, movement parts, pass through parts, modules, weapons, and bumpers are arranged in a way that the skeleton looks decent. Only after I have the skeleton looking and driving nice do I put on the actual armour and decor.

This way, at the end of the battle when most of my armour is gone, it still looks like I’m driving a cool car (not to mention that it still handles ok).

Does anyone else think like this, or am I just a big weirdo?


Yep, through and through.


yup ur a weirdo :crazy_face:

just kiddin…love u poony4u :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
'i build to do damage fast and not built to last for different matches…
i really don’t like being a tank brick…but to each there own…anything is fun if u have fun…


ObsidianFang sure does do it this way. The ones that visit my garage are often Ravager themed, and that’s cool AF all by itself, IMO, but when you peel off their armor it will reveal the inner corruption the Ravager Virus has done to the poor machines soul.

His rigs always make for amusing ambiance regardless of the theme, though.

I keep wanting to build like this, but then keep forgetting to. Presently would be a good time for me to get into it too, since I am currently exploring the deconstruction of popular META, which means stripping exhibition builds down to their frame, and attempting to homogenize the concepts.

Ultimately, I’d like to have basic generic frames saved in my Blueprint slots that I can just toss schit on that suits my mood, and just roll with; rolling chasis basically…but rolling Ravager Chasis would be much cooler. This OP could be another piece of intel I’ve been waiting for to make this game more interesting…the melee thing has already gotten old, and I’m not really here for spiders…but I still like mine, because the Gerridae are hard not to love. They’re beautiful. Now I want ML-200s too.

Too bad they screwed up the Steppe Spider. Seems odd, but I suspect they planned it this way for some reason…maybe not, but breaking the leg-cab and then introducing new legs seems weird. The fact that they went with rockets seem even weirder.


Kind of I guess

I don’t think like that but i should.
The closest i got to that, was on my last drone build that i did where there was another requirement in first place, compactness.
All the other builds that i did prior to that one was tankiness the first requirement, all the rest came in second…including weapons.
True story, once i did a build, i was so focus in getting right the tankiest build i could make and in the end i forgoten to place the guns or leave a space/ location for them…


I don’t build like you but I like your idea.

Mini Militia App Lock

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