Does Changing psn email address cause issues with crossout?

Hello, when changing my psn accounts email will it unlink my crossout account and if so what should i do if it does get unlinked, I’m scared that I will lose everything as I first created my account in 2015 and have no idea what details I used or if they were just my psn details please help me !

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Your best bet is to submit a ticket on the crossout site ( and tell them what you want to do; they can tell you how to go about it, and what your options are.

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Do you mean the submit a request tab there, I have done that still waiting on a reply though unfortunately lol thanks !

Yeah, just write to the support. My old email account was really wonky (login code confirmations were never getting received in my mail) so they allowed me to attach another email account that i use since then.
So they should be able to help you no problem.