Don't you dare touch the steppe spider!

Steppe spider is prob the best balanced cab there is. If they lay 1 finger on steppe spider I just might quit. I’m totally flabbergasted. They are totally reworking a cab that we all known and loved since the game released. No one asked for this. No security in this game what so ever.

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I don’t think I have seen a steppie spider being used by anyone in, well forever, like, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone using it, as you said, this cab was released at the start of the game, and it was pretty good back in the day, then the nova came along, then the master cab got buffed, then the hadron cab came out, hell event the omni box at least gives you a small damage increase for your weapons, not to mention the introduction of bigrams, 45k and then drive as fast as the cab can let you, hell that is only 5km less then ml’s on stepie, but if I want to go faster, the legs just do that for me, i can 45km leg mode, and then 70km something wheel mode? why do in need 55km leg mode when i can just drive? and then leg mode when want to walk around
if you like it or not, the steppie spider has been one of the most useless cabs for the longest time, arguable it is more useful now that the power on legs were nerfed, making it harder to out strafe ground vehicles, but i for one love the new change, ml200’s get buffed to 50km meaning you can get the perk of the steppie spider, by just using ml-200’s cus they just go 50km now
and have whatever other cab you want, the spider cab might make crickets more viable now, more accuracy and faster flying, not to mention crickets get a damage bonus the further they travel, remember back in the day when crickets were used to get kills from spawn cus they were so good? yeah well, maybe we will see more spawn kills, or maybe spawn shots with crickets, maybe the spider cab will be good on cricket hovers now, cricket spiders? perhaps? idk I’m just theorizing at this point

there is enough enough cabs that buff rockets. And i use it because it got a greater mass limit. Everyone on reddit is rotted about this change so your in a minority.

greater mass limit? you know the nova has more “usable mass” right? the weight of the cabin offset the “extra mass” it could carry, like here, lets do the math’s
stepper spider 16,000 mass limit, and 3250 weight and 445 durability, leaving you with 12,750 usable mass
nova has a mass limit of 15400, 2300 mass and 419 durability, leaving you with 12.900 usable mass and arguably a better perk
master cab has 12,950 usable mass and arguably a batter perk
hadron has 12,350 usable mass and a belter perk

so yeah the usable mass of a stepper spider is comparable to legendary cabs and that is cool I guess, honestly I think the biggest benefit of the stepper spider is the tonnage, with the way hovers are going these days, having more base tonnage on your cab, might actually be a really good thing, and it is about to get a tonnage increase as well, more base tonnage means you don’t need to run as many hovers, which means you accelerate faster, i mean the same for legs as well, more base tonnage = faster acceleration, since legs got an acceleration nerf recently as well, tonnage could help you out strafe your opponents since you have less legs

i don’t want nothing from you. I just want a bit of stability in this game. Game is more volatile than crypto.

I’m just happy that ML200s are getting that speed boost so that we can use better cabins than the Steppe and still have some mobility.

I’m not sure the new cabin perk is the best choice, but I can already think of a few builds that could be pretty lethal with it.

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more changes in this game then minecraft

oh yeah the cabin perk is weird as hell, like to me it makes more sense for a locust or cricket hover now

yeah ml’s on cohort, ya know, a cabin people like to build heavy build on, kind of sucks right now, just having 50km- on legs makes them much more viable, and since ml-200’s have a better tonnage to power drain ratio, they currently accelerate faster then bigrams when comparing mass to mass

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The Steppe Spider change is completely unnecessary. Why not allow the Steppe Spider to go 60 KPH when using ML-200?
I do like the Buff to ML-200 though.

i think perk should be buffed to 15km to 20 km extra if it was up to me not take it away. It is called spider for a reason.

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I agree that the Steppe Cabin shouldn’t have been touched, let alone changed completely and nerfed for no reason, but as for the title of this post well, good luck on that as this is probably going to happen and you’re probably not going to leave! I say save the dramatics for theatre practice as it’s not the serious dude or is it life-altering!

This kind of instability in a game is a major turnoff. That is what I hates most about this game is not the nerfs buffs and reworks but the extreme nerfs buffs and reworks. It wouldn’t surprise me if they just turned the humpback cab into a light 10 kg mass cab at this point and swapped the perks for the kami and give kami 30% damage increase they just might as well. You don’t know what to expect from the monkey brains at targem. They can do anything you don’t know what to expect from them.

go play a ps2 game, i hear back then updates weren’t a thing

Talkin about the steppe spider cab not ps2 games. You sound like a kid grow up

me tries to have a civil conversation on the internet
people on the internet waaaa waaaa my spider cab waaa waaa, they make change waa waa

it is deeper then just the steppe spider cab. It is also about the stability of this game in general if you know how to read the fine print and you just proving my point about how Childish you come off has.

you are playing one of the biggest unique games of it’s kind on the internet, you hear people talking about robocraft? no because they ruined that game, or so I hear, the devs are literally working on a game that has no rulebook, something that hasn’t been done to this extent before, every single thing they add to a game, can have a profound cascading effect on balance, you think that $&#* is easy to manage? you think things aren’t going to change over time?

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this ain’t what this game was advertised has. Imagine elden ring devs turning rivers of blood into orange juice of blood. This is what id compare some of these changes to. You got to have some form of familiarity or the game loses it’s identity.

and steppe spiders identity is tied with mechanical legs not rockets just as well call it steppe rockets now

you are comparing apples to oranges YOU quite literally are comparing a dark souls franchise to a game where you craft your own vehicle out of block and then do PVP junk with them