Double Bubble Nova Reaper

I know everyone is concentrated on the new stuff.

But the buff to Barrier IX and to Reapers have made room for a powerful new combo.

Start with Hovers, Bigrams or ML200 (need to be able to move over the shield module)
Nova cabin
Two Barrier IX
Two purple ammo packs
Two Reapers

3 shields on a single build is hard to deal with, now add a buddy or two playing the same thing.

Barrier Module works to stop rush builds.


That’s what happens though, Devs try to fix something but end up with the same issue with other parts, though the above setup isn’t unbeatable especially if you play doggos as the barrier IX doesn’t prevent players from going into the bubble just weapons fire unless they changed its function

Yeah, it’s not unbeatable :slight_smile: everything has its rock, paper scissors.

But dog builds can not get to you as easy as you would think. First off the reapers push you back at max speed on hovers. And if someone hits the Barrier module they stop dead in their tracks.

Now image a 4 man team.

2 builds: Nova - double Reaper - double bubble
1 build: Nova - double reaper - bubble - trombone (DPS booster)
1 build: Nova - double reaper- bubble - Doppler - Verifier (these are your eyes)

That’s 10 shields on one team, also 4 modules on the ground to block incoming rush. (Maybe even change one guy out for triple porc and double bubble if to much rush)

Also, when playing this build remember you don’t need to be in the bubble for it to work. Just keep the bubbles between you and your target. I drop a bubble then push back in reverse from my target with the impulse of the reaper to keep shields between and to keep my distance.

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That’s news to me cuz when I played with Barrier IX people just drove into the bubble and shot you, they must’ve changed it then

I think he means the module itself stops people when they drive into it, like allied turrets.

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That’s true but a shield turret can be easily destroyed by driving into it, I wish it was a proper shield that stopped even enemy vehicles from passing through it

True, but it make them lose all their power.

You have to remember that you are boosting at full speed backwards with the reapers away from your target and you have 3 shields.

Also, this build and strategy is for high PS 14k+

Not sure where you play at.


Eh okay, I don’t play at that or near that PS, dull with all the copy-paste builds up there in that PS, go to the Exhibition take someone else’s work/creativity, and BRRRRRRRR along
But lately, I’ve been playing no PS as I can’t even get on the game

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