Double Hit Brawl

How are you all liking it? So far it seems ok to me, have not tested out many weapons so can’t really tell on which weapons it works and on which weapons it does not, but Argument is way more better in this double hit configuration, to the point that I wish that the regular Argument worked like this, even if it was at a reduced damage.

Parsers are very brutal as well in this brawl, but most weapons have a bit too much of a lag between the extra shots, like Varun for example. And then some guns don’t get it, that cold be very fun with it, like the Impulse.

But yeah Parsers do an instant second shot, even faster than Arguments

I thought there wasn’t enough of a difference between it & a normal brawl. For the most part, the effect is just that your weapons are stronger. I tried to play several matches, but when the wait time got to 6 minutes, I bailed.

I feel kinda bad for the enemy team

But yeah this is pretty fun in boosting a few weapons, but I also think that some weapons, like cannons for example, have way too big of a delay between the extra shot, as opposed to parsers and nail guns where it’s almost instant

But yeah I do think that the nail guns should work like this normally, especially the epic one, or if they ever make a legendary nailgun it should do double shots, it feels very right

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Vultures should also be like this normally and shoot two drones per 1 shot. Maybe then it’d feel like a legendary weapon finally

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I did very well using a 6-lance/6-booster combo. Point, ram, kill, repeat.


I’m having fun using Waltz’s, with 2 they’re just amazing.

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I only tried it once so far, with a fatman/king/hadron build. With that combo the double shot is fast enough that I was landing most of my second shots, but some of the cannon bots are just brutally strong in this mode. Oscar just demolished my team.

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I think we played against each other recently I was using Arbiters and an aurora.

The waltzes are very good… your only good defense is to keep strafing quickly and do your best to strip those waltzes.

I played against another guy who had a hover box with frontal machine guns mounted very deep. He was a very hard kill.

This brawl is boring garbage and the scrap reward is le bad. They should have just stuck with a rotation of impulsiveness (toads and spikes restricted) and helicopters.