Dove vs Starfall

Which one do you think I should spend my ball bearings on?
Originally I was planning on getting a second fused Starfall, but I’ve been playing around a bit with Dove and thinking that after the next balance update I might get more from the minelayer.

Currently Dove is going for more on the PS4 market, but not by a lot.

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Definitely Starfall. Dove is hampered as a mine layer by a long reload time and especially by the mines only staying on the ground for 10 seconds. Also, the explosions are so big, it is extremely difficult to lay them next to people without blowing yourself up.

Starfall is excellent in air wars, especially for shooting off propellers, and is good for shooting people’s top mounted guns off in other modes. In addition, it sounds cool, a whole loadout is only 12 energy and with 2 radiators it shoots forever.

In addition, Starfall has high recoil, so it is very likely that it will have some deep synergy with the upcoming Whaler cabin.

If you want a good Helicopter bomb dropping experience, just get some Kings or incinerators.

It may be that Dove will be massively buffed in the future, but it may be that it is forgotten and lost like a lot of legendary weapons.

I will have enough levels to get two legendaries with bearings. I used the first set of bearings to get a third fused Helios and plan to use the second set on a Starfall.

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I went with Starfall as well.

Even with the reduced energy they are looking at for the Dove it still doesn’t really suit me as a good useful weapon.


Last week I spent a while trying to do a skinner/minelayer build with dove, sometimes adding a king into the mix.
Never really got it working well, but I think that two doves plus the incoming damage buff might be enough to incapacitate many builds with a single salvo.
Blowing yourself up with them is a major risk, but through experimentation I’ve found ways to make them shoot far enough away from my build towards the dragged enemy.

But Starfall still feels more versatile and useful, just not as interesting.

If I don’t go for the Starfall, I’ve got a couple cyclone workpieces that I could use, or just pair my single BP one with my lone Stillwind. I don’t love playing ACs, but I wanted to spend some time with a longer range AC than whirls,

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Triple AC72’s can murder big builds at 300+ meters. Or doubles at a lower PS. If you haven’t played them, they are very good.

I went with a Starfall. Autocannons are very good in this game. All of them.


Lets check this:


Yep. They’re all great. I’ve never had Joules or Starfalls but when I’ve tried them, I’ve loved them.

I ended up getting the second Starfall, and I think it is the smarter choice, but I still want to pick up a second Dove eventually.
I have the idea of making a dog style build with doves firing forward. Might use tracks so that I can slam on my brakes before I run into my own mines.



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AC 50’s
AC 64’s

These two are also very good at their repsective ps.