Anyone using this minelayer?
Seems very strong from the air, but a lot harder to use on ground builds.
I’ve been trying to get one to work with a skinner and a king, but so far I haven’t had much luck coming up with anything that works consistently.

Is it destined to be a weapon that only works on aircraft?

ive tried it but the 7 energy drain is a bit much. id recommend the kings over it.
it seems to only work well on aircraft which is a shame. id love to have it be usable on the ground.

i seen people use it in the event but… its not to reliable.

Seems like Kings have a longer activation time now, so skinner builds aren’t so effective with them. Unless you drag people really slowly, the mines don’t detonate.
Dove has the opposite problem. If you aim it downwards on a ground build, they will detonate underneath you if an enemy is near.

i think thats to counteract their incredibly fast reload time. its a shame the events over soon though, i wouldve loved trying out a king build in the event but its not worth the effort for me now.

i think thats because their more built for flying rather then ground builds. still its not that helpful if it detonates so quickly. do they reload fast? i havent used mine since i got it so i forgot.

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Reloads slow.
Tried it with my one King on hadron, but between that and the skinner, it didn’t speed up the reload enough, and seems like you need a heavy cabin for dragging people.
What is nice about Dove on ground builds is that it does spit out the mines with a bit of velocity. Mount it upside down and high, and you can almost use it like a gun, and the mines explode immediately when they hit the enemy.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a second one out of the BP after I get my second Starfall, but I hope I can. Two seems like they would do absurd damage.

I made an anti-melee build with a dove, and it was hilarious. they’d come up behind me because I was posing as a pyre build (two pyres on top), then I’d run and launch the mines. If I was fast enough and they had a generator on the bottom of their build, they would get demolished. One unlucky soul had a Thor on his build, and it exploded after the first three bombs, the fourth finishing him off.

They’re effective on ground vehicles, but only in the right situation with the right vehicles and enemies.

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I’ve seen a few builds do well with it, but it also looks like it’s better suited into the baiting enemy players to come to you / chase after you, rather than the kind of sneaky mine traps kind of gameplay you see Kings be played with from time to time or just directly ramming into the enemy and spamming mines


The dove is best for cheesing bots but not much else. It makes decent traps in narrow choke points but the energy cost is too high.