Draco Nerfed Into The Ground

Was nerfing the Draco into the ground part of the plan? Because they won’t fire half the time when up on someone anymore even when fully out and exposed… steering is loose and sloppy regardless of my settings… its unfortunately a game ending update for me and I have been a loyal, dedicated, crossout player for years…

I’m curious what is going on with Draco, goblins, and gremlins. Haven’t had a chance to test, but I’ve seen the complaints here.
On one hand, all other weapons can’t fire if the barrel is touching an enemy or blocked by your car, but these weapons are designed for contact, so it seems wrong to apply it to these ones.
Are you on PC? I’ve only seen these complaints from PS users, so it might be something to do with how the mouse aiming interacts with the new camera angle.

Regardless, Draco was OP, and everyone knows it. I have one that I use with a couple Remedies, but I haven’t played it for a while because it just felt too easy and unfair.

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I play on PS5… yes it has unfortunately made them unplayable for me… I never thought they would go this far… I knew a possible hard damage nerf or durability nerf was probably gonna come but this…

Can you describe better what is actually happening?
Is firing getting stopped by contact, or is it being blocked by your crosshair not being centred so that bits of your build block it?

I play Dracos on Xbox. I haven’t noticed them not firing, but, Icarus VII hovers fly so high that I can’t catch them and carry them across the map. This is after I rebuilt my catch to be several blocks higher. Further, Flash has been severely nerfed.

I’m not sure what a Blight dog is supposed to be good for in the current meta.