Draco's Bugged

Since the Update directional shotguns and flamethowers with very limited firing angles (Gremlin, Goblin, and Draco) will not fire when in direct contact with enemy builds. This seems to be a result of the change to how targeting is traced from the gun to the targeting reticle instead of from the camera. Additionally, these weapons used to be able to fire even if they did not have line of sight to the reticle, as long as they were not blocked by components of the player’s own vehicle. Now they will not fire if their line of fire is blocked by anything, or if they are simply unable to traverse far enough to aim at the targeting reticle.

This change significantly compromises the effectiveness of these weapons as they are by their melee based nature most useful at point-blank range in contact with the enemy vehicle.

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They don’t care about melee. I mean they have now added a concrete carcass of your kill, so you basically have to reverse out of the kill. Nerfed spark and flash. They are trying to kill melee, while making hovers and spiders the meta

New module is OP as heck. Straight up broken.
Who ever approved this thing, didn’t think this thing thru.

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